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10 Days Old


Adelaide is officially 1 week away from being 5 months old and the days are passing too fast. This past week I have spent hours organizing photos for the walls of our new home. Narrowing down these images is going to be a huge task for me. I will always remember this photo shoot because Adelaide was only 10 days old, I was exhausted from nursing/kissing a baby all night and Troy had just gone back to work leaving me with 3 little babes. I was sweating as I ran around prepping for these photos and so nervous I would look haggard. I am beyond thankful for Rebecca. She always shows up to our photo shoots and makes things easy while she captures the most genuine moments in our little family’s life.  No matter how crazy those first couple weeks are, remember to capture the little moments, precious kisses and sleepy eyes. You won’t regret it.







RebeccaSiewertPhotography_BabyAdelaide-27-2 RebeccaSiewertPhotography_BabyAdelaide-26-2 RebeccaSiewertPhotography_BabyAdelaide-21-2 RebeccaSiewertPhotography_BabyAdelaide-15-2 RebeccaSiewertPhotography_BabyAdelaide-14-2 RebeccaSiewertPhotography_BabyAdelaide-6-2 RebeccaSiewertPhotography_BabyAdelaide-1-2

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