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Leaning In



 Photography By: Rebecca Siewert

This week I’m prepping for a three-day juice cleanse. I believe strongly in the process of cleansing the heart as well as the body. So today I’m sharing my heart….

I have always trusted in the process of writing goals down and keeping my vision in front of me. There is so much power in knowing where you are going and why. It sets our minds and bodies on the road to reaching for the vision and pulls us back when we get sidetracked. I take time to write my goals down and revise them throughout the year as the vision takes shape and things need to be removed or added. I’ve always been concerned that if I don’t write it down I might forget where I’m going and what I really want—but what happens when our heart is longing for something we forget to write down? These past two years have comprised one of the most challenging and amazing times in my life. I started a business, had a baby, sold a house, built a house, moved again, renovated, went back to teaching, went back to personal training, became a mom of three and decided to take more time to invest in my marriage. You can say it has been a whirlwind! Despite everything amazing that has been built and birthed, I have also felt an unsettling “Am I missing something?” Anxious that I somehow was missing the mark, I would journal, question my efforts, question who I was as a mom, have good days, have bad days, and keep telling Troy I felt off.


I wanted to write this post today to encourage you to not ignore these feelings you might be having. There is a reason for such feelings, and you should never push things under the rug. Keep searching until you find an answer. My answer was stirred to the surface when my friend Chelsea started blogging her story after the sudden passing of her fiancé, Rene. Her words challenged me to search my heart for what really brought me joy, fulfillment, and the ability to just be in the moment instead of searching for more. Over the past six months I have slowly started to peel back the layers of my life and dive into what I really want to get out of the moments I have on earth and with the ones I love.My goal when I started Daily Routine Fitness was to see people’s lives changed, inspire people who had lost hope, and bring joy to souls that have forgotten to laugh. In the process of starting a business and doing life, I feel some of these areas have been clouded over for me and have lost their real life potency. Whether you write it down or not, your heart and soul speaks louder than any words you could ever put on a piece of paper. It may take longer for you to realize things because they are not plainly written out. Though each step is a blind step, I believe these are the most powerful steps.


Over this past year I feel I’ve learned so many lessons (some of them harder than others), and I will forever be thankful that I’ve been determined not to settle, have refused to ignore what didn’t feel right and have had the confidence to move away from things that were not meant for my life and my story. If you can’t slow down, if you can’t listen, if you can’t rest…life will find a way to force it upon you. You will either lean in to listen or keep running life in an emotional and physical circle. I truly believe this with everything inside of me. I’m leaning in….

This process is not easy, and you will be met with fear, moments when you question yourself, and the realization that maybe you have wasted some very precious moments—but joy comes in the morning! Over the next few months you will see me taking a step of faith and changing some things up on Dailyroutinefitness.com. I want you to know I’m thankful for your feedback, your support, and the space to evolve. I’m excited for change, new projects, and the excitement that comes with walking in your calling.


Here’s to a year of change, taking time to breathe, and truly enjoying the behind-the-scenes life.

Dear Chelsea,

Thank you for being brave. Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for giving me the confidence to challenge the day to day habits and patterns of my heart.

You are loved~~*

Rachel Doell

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  1. jillian Buechi says:

    Thanks Rachel, love your honest and thought provoking post. I have never written down a goal in my life (maybe I should start) but I think my personality is very “go with the flow”and I purposely keep my daily life under scheduled, so that life doesn’t just pass by in a mad rush to accomplish everything!
    I look forward to seeing what changes this new year brings for you!
    I too have been very much affected and changed by reading Chelsea’s posts…I ‘m thankful for her sharing, so that the rest of us can enter into her feelings and apply some of that perspective to our own lives. XO

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