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I Know Why You’re Fat

I know why your fat” Comes from the place of being a new mom and realizing that all those enthusiastic goals you had about being super mom will be tested in every possible way.
Unlike some critics I’m not in a place where I think you should give them up. I believe if going back to the woman you where before this little bundle of joy came along then you need to get out of the place of feeling sorry for yourself for the lack of time you now have.  Weight loss and all goals in life are only achieved by a very determined mind where that you can’t let that evil sense of doubt creep into.
Now your probably thinking…Well you have no idea what I go through every day and how hard it is for me to get these workout in!
Your right I don’t know your life or how hard it may be for you, But I am here to give you some creative ideas on how to get that hot little bum back that you once loved.
My passion for this subject is really deep because “I know” how hard this is to do! My life went from being a very enthusiastic workout queen who had a perfectly structured workout week to realizing “You get it in whenever you can get it in”.
Please seek advice from your Doctor or Midwife before you start a exercise program after childbirth.
My baby was 9 days late and the labor was 24 hours 12 of those being very intense .  I did take 2 weeks totally off from physical activity  but as soon as I felt well enough and my midwives gave me the ok I jumped back into the game.  Remind yourself to not be to hard on yourself! You just had a baby..geeze no big deal.
I started off with things I did in the last trimester which included walking , hiking and yoga. Physical activity is going to be so great for you after that baby so concentrate on all the positives!
Things I found exercise helped with:
1) Helps with those baby blues everyone warns you about
2) Helps that body recover quicker
3) Helps with the new stress you may be feeling about being a new mom
4) Helped me feel like I hadn’t lost myself
Helpful Get that workout in tips:
1) After that early morning feeding leave the baby with your partner and head to the gym .
Yep I said it! Leave that warm bed and get out there! Before it started to warm up I would get up at 6am and head to the gym for my workout before my husband would head off to work.
2) During Nap time head out and get your walk on! If your feeling over tired from all those late night feedings split your time up here take that 30 min power nap followed by a brisk walk. both with help you wake up.
3) invest in dvds . I  would recommend the Brazilian butt lift ,yoga dvds from lululemon and if your further along in recovery the p90x serious along with their extreme workout.
all are great options because you can totally do them in your living room while baby sleeps.
4) If you have the funds invest in a personal trainer who will come to your home. i recommend calling your local physio or chiropractor and seeing who they would recommend. you want to make sure you hire someone who really knows what their doing when it comes to a body after pregnancy.
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