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To Vintage or Not to Vintage???

My husband and I recently decided that it’s time to possibly start looking for that dream home and leave condo living behind. Now that we do have a little boy and will possibly be adding more kiddos to the family tree, the idea of a yard and play areas are defiantly tempting. I also love the idea of decorating and staring with a new canvas. I have always wanted a home with lots of character and pieces in my home that bring it life and comfort, so the idea of going vintage seems like a no brainer! The only problem is that I may not be the most experienced shopper in this area, but I am determined over these next few months while we are looking to stretch myself and put together some looks for my future vintage refuge. Here are a few looks I love….


Love the cleaness of this bedroom

Love the idea of these lights in this picture. I actually used this idea for my wedding and placed flowers in the glass jars. It was beautiful


I can see myself sipping tea in this room

If your feeling like a mom, go and brush your shoulders off…

So this morning at 5am I realized I had forgotten to pick up breakfast items for my husband. Normally not a big deal because lucky for me I have the husband that roles with the punches and will just throw something together or pick something up…Sadly though he has started a get fit for summer program that I’m trying to offer my support to by making healthy breakfast, snack and dinner options. SHOOT! So rather then making him starve after his 6am workout I put my little man “McCarthy” back to sleep after his early morning feeding 🙂 and threw together the perfect last minute breakfast option- Easy Granola Barshttp://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Easy-Granola-Bars/Detail.aspx?prop31=6.

These bars are the perfect option when you need something quick and easy. You can also make them a bit healthier by changing the butter to coconut oil and changing the chocolate chips to carob chips.

When my husband got back from his workout he was rather impressed with my early morning baking .I won’t lie I wasn’t humble in the least , I responded with yep I’m you have a pretty freaken amazing wife!




Shake What That Baby Gave Ya

So what should a workout schedule look like?
So I decided in making this post that I would not only post my “Get that booty back after baby” workout schedule
but also my pre-baby workout schedule to motivate those none-baby bloggers as well as that mom who needs more of a challange.
Feel free to post questions:) and Enjoy
 This was my workout Week 5 post baby

Sunday this would be my recovery day so I still move just take it a bit easier.
Walk downtown with the little banbino
30 min of burst training. So since my body is still working back to its normal ligament size and abbs are still coming together it’s important not to push it too hard but I’m feeling stronger every day:) So on burst days I do some realistic strength training along with cardio burst. Right now I’m focusing mainly on lower body and core “I’ll give sample core exercises”
Why not upper body? The ligaments are still really lose in a pre baby body for sometime so you want to make sure that you are not over working them before they are ready.
15 cardio 15 min strength split up like this.
5 min warm up 1

Me-29 weeks prego!

You Will Be Successful

We all have 30 min/ This workout is perfect for the woman on the go or that mom who’s baby has decided that quick naps are the way to go:)
So how do you get the most effective workout in in the least amount of time.
I follow a system you may have heard of called “Burst Training” or the 5 Factor workout .
These workouts are based on the science that you don’t need to sweat it out in the gym for hours and hours to see results.
Don’t believe me? Well I’m going to post a weekly picture of my progress post baby:) The first picture that was taken is 8weeks after the baby.
 I use these workouts for the bootcamps I teach as well and the clients not only see great results they love the workouts because they are quick and effective.
SO what are they? Okay so I’ll give you a quick look at what a workout would look like or how I would map it out.
Start off your workout with a 5 min cardio warm up followed by 1 upper body exercise 1 lower body 1 core and then a 30-1 cardio burst. You only take a quick rest during these workouts IF YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO!!! This is meant to be powerful and quick so yes you may leave puking but oh well you’ll get over the feeling . As I told my husband who was doing this workout this morning…Its only temporary babe your body will get use to give so stop giving it excuses for wimping out. Needless to say he told me I’m a slave driver which I’m not:) I’m just determined to get people the results they want and deserve it a quick amount of time.

The Options Are Endless

Whether your trying to shed those last stubborn pounds of post baby weight or getting ready for that summer bathing suit.Eeeek! Making smart choices when it comes to your food is going to help.

Now we all know that we can’t get away from dessert so why not re-discover what you can do for dessert options. I will prove to you over these next couple posts that Gluten free and low sugar are not just the healthy way to go but they can be delicious.

I stole this recipe from my friend Ashleys blog http://gingerandbirch.blogspot.com/2011/03/gf-vegan-chocolate-almond-cupcakes.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

For my husband and my 4th anniversary I invited one of our favorite couples over Alan Denham Rhys and I made these cupcakes. They where a huge hit! Since then I have made them several times for a healthy option when I’m craving chocolate cake or for that friend that just had a baby:)