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Out with the Old in with the NEW (way of thinking)

For someone who loves to workout and stay in shape, it’s a very common mistake to think that you need to be adding more and more workouts or keep cutting those calories to achieve that amazing body you have been dreaming about. 

Today I made the best decision I have ever made for my body! I went and saw my friend Carly Mitchell at VO2 MAX. Carly specializes in training everyone from your average individual looking to step it up, to those figure models you see gracing the stages of your local bikini contest:) She also is one of the best trainers I have had the privilege to train with.

Do I intend on entering a bikini contest ….Uh I think not! 

But what I do want is to achieve my goals to be a healthy and active woman who does not have to worry about my weight every time I turn around. After I had McCarthy my baby weight came off rather easy I believe due to the fact I was breast feeding and stayed active through out my pregnancy. But before I had McCarthy, I had made it my goal that after this baby I was going to go clean with my eating, lean out and really change how I viewed food. Even though I was extremely active, I knew there were still areas I needed to improve in.

Now you may say “Your a trainer! Why would you hire a trainer?” Because us trainers need our butts kicked too! And Carly does just that. 

Throughout this journey I will be very honest with you on where my measurements are, what I eat, where my body fat % is at and what my goals are in all these areas. 

The first thing Carly did for me was test my body fat % which at 3 1/2 months after baby is at 24%. This is the high end of healthy which is between 18-24%.  I was fine being on the high end due to the fact that I just had a baby and us breast feeding moms need some fat. My goal for this area is to be down to 18% By July 16th .

We also did inches.

chest 32

ribs 27.5

waist 27

stomach 31.5

l.bicep 10

r bicep.10

hips 37.5

l thigh 24

r thigh 24

l calf 14.25

r calf 14.25

After 3 weeks I had already lost 13.0 inches.

How? CLEAN EATING and BEING ACTIVE!  This is the key to every lean bodies success. Carly set me up on a program consisting of 1800 cal .

900 carbs 100 fruit

400 fibrous veggies

400 complex carbs

700 protein 

250 fats.

The change i have already seen in my body is crazy and I feel amazing. I know every diet that you have ever gone on promises you’ll never be hungry! Yeah right! First off this is not a diet but a change of life. I follow this eating 7 days a week with ONE cheat meal a week.

Through out this journey I will list my daily meals and what my workouts look like. I’m excited to share this process with you and answer any questions you may have for me! I hope this helps you in your journey.


It’s Not A Belly, Its An Accessory!

And the perfect one I may add!

When I found out I was pregnant I immediately became very determined not to lose my sense of style but to have fun with this new accessory and play up my style. My goal was to not buy one piece of maternity cloths but to buy items that could be easy added to my wardrobe after baby. I can honestly say this helped me keep such a positive attitude about my growing belly and I had so much fun shopping for pieces that complimented it.

I found that tight dresses and tops paired with leggings or jeggings where the perfect pieces for my growing belly. The added bonus to buying them tight is they most likely will work after the baby or you can have they tailored in to fit . I hope these photos’ help inspire you to get creative.

Many thanks to Blonde as you will see I found many amazing pieces at this local boutique.

I hope you enjoy the following photos. I do apologies for the fuzzy shots and for the lack of shoes in some of the shots this was life before our new camera.


This shot was taken at a family BBQ right after we announced that we where prego. It was such a fun day filled with lots of excitement.

Tank- Element

Belt- American Apparel

Skirt- Urban Outfitters


I was so excited when I bought this dress thinking I could show off my belly at my friend Becky and Jordans wedding . To my suprise growing a belly is slower then one thinks

Dress- Blonde

Earrings and Bangles- Aldo


26 Weeks- The perfect pairing for a fall day.

Yellow Sweater Jacket- Lifetime

Blouse- RW&CO

Scarf- Off The Wall

Hat- H&M


Leggings-lululemon athletica


This was taken at my beautiful baby shower. My Mother in-law and Sister in-law did such an amazing job . I had such a blast! Troy showed up at the end to carry everything home:)

Lace Dress- Blonde


Denim Leggsings-lululemon athletica


I wore this dress for one of my staff Christmas parties. It was a lucky find at a local thrift store and I got so many compliments on it that night. I loved how the outfit came together.

Blazer- Costa Blonca

Dress- Vintage Thrift-Frock


Tights-Joe Fresh


Earrings-Pearl Earrings that where a gift from my husband


I wore this outfitt to my husbands Christmas party. I was starting to feel a little big at this point so it was nice to add some glitz and glam as a distraction.


Blazer-Costa Blonca

Studded Shirt-Blonde

Leggins- American Apparel





The Previous Three photo was taken by Dow Imagery. They truly did an amazing job at catching my vision for my maternity photos.

Black Dress-BCBG


As you can see this white lace dress came in handy. It was such a great addition to my wardrobe because it’s easy to change up with accessories and shoes.

Lace Dress- Blonde

Tights-Joe Fresh

Week 37-

We where so close at this point and I was so ready to have this baby!

This cute little black dress brought some joy to my holiday season.

Black Dress-Blonde