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Month: June 2011

Dress her up and take her out

Beach season is upon us and you need that outfit that is an easy change from casual summer wear to that outfit thats perfect for your night out. Here are some easy ways to go from relaxing day at the beach to perfectly put together for that night out with the ladies.

Tank- Element Clothing

Shorts-Forever 21





Pearl Earrings-Gift from Husband


Always bring your favourite large bag! It’s the perfect place to store your heels, accessories and blazer for dinner.







Heels-Spring Shoes


I’ll love you forever,  

I’ll like you for always,

As long as your living


My baby you’ll be.

You Have Changed my World

Because of you I know the meaning of…

Unspeakable Joy,

Unfailing Love,

 and Joy In Sacrifice.

MR.Ducky loves you


You are what I prayed for

You are my favourite running buddy


You are my favourite accessory

The Pool is way more fun with you in it!



One or the Other…

I’m always looking for ways to maximize and be creative with my wardrobe choices.

Recently on a trip to Vancouver I was stuck at a crossroads….

Do I buy the Maxi Dress or Maxi Skirt? 

Let me solve this problem for you! If you are a girl on a budget, go with the dress and dress it up with that tank you shrunk to create the perfect skirt look….







Dress- Forever 21

Hot Pink Tank- H&M

Yellow Clutch- H&M

Earrings- Aldo




Leopard Belt-H&M

Rachel’s Get Ripped Mommy Program

Okay everyone keeps asking me what my day of eating looks like so I thought I would post my daily eating plan.

Something to note is that this is a diet designed for me based on how many calories my body is burning everyday , what I need to sustain myself and reach my goals.  Enjoy creeping on my eating:)


I exchange protein for protein, complex carbs as carbs fruit for fruit, fibrous veggies for fibrous veggies!!

1800 calories

Meal 1

I start off with 1 Tbsp UDO’S OIL in the Am

Food                                Calories

1 Cup egg whites        120 protein

1/2 cup oats                120 complex

3/4 cup blueberries        50 fruit

3/4 cup pro powder        90 protein

Meal 2

13 Almonds                      100 fat (or 1tbsp almond butter)

3.5 oz tuna or chicken       150 protein

3 rice cakes                       106 complex carbs

Meal 3

1/2 cup brown rice                100 complex carbs

2.5 oz chicken                       130 protein

4 cups spinach                       60 fibers

2tbsp dressing “oil&balsamic vin”   20 fats

1/2 cup strawberry’s               50 fruit

Meal 4

 3 rice cakes                       90 complex carbs

1tbsp almond butter           100 fat

6 oz fibrous veggies             60 fiber

Meal 5

4oz chicken                         200 protein

unlimited veggies                 120 fibrous

Meal 6

1 scoop protein                    150 protein

unlimited veggies                  120 fibrous

Stay tuned for my workout plans!