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Month: November 2012

39 Weeks Captured…



This pregnancy we decided to take a stab at shooting the belly pictures ourselves and put our photography budget towards family photos post baby.  I did a little homework on my own before giving Troy instructions on what I was trying to capture with the photos.  I wanted the main focus to be the belly and not how my face looked, the lighting, or if I had the right lip gloss on for the shot. I wanted them to look as natural as possible and capture the beauty that I feel when I’m alone with Baby B. I think Troy did a amazing job and I’m so thankful for a husband who has been so supportive and reminded me every day how beautiful he thinks I am. I love you Troy! I hope you enjoy~~*

Breaking the Silence


Week 36

Week 37

This past month, I decided to put all my focus towards my family and my growing belly. This may seem like a obvious thing to do in my last month of pregnancy, but slowing down and not having a hundred things on my plate is challenging for me. I’m proud to announce I have made progress in this area and I no longer feel as though I need to be going non-stop all hours of the day.  Now before you celebrate my laziness…I didn’t say I stopped living! This past month has been filled with every DIY project I could fit into nap time, lots of reading, baking, cooking and yes working out! I have lots of projects, recipes and learnings to share with you from my blogging sabbatical so stay tuned!

Here is a look at just a few of my favourite moments and projects from this month.







I found this lovely vintage hutch on Craigslist for a real steal and decided it to make it into the perfect book case for our office. It was definitely one of my most challenging projects due to the age of the wood (lots of stripping) and the amount of glass! 



One morning while buying paint for another DIY project, I ran into one of the lovely ladies from the studio I work at. She encouraged me to look into chair spray painting on Pinterest for a new DIY project.  This lovely chair was a gift from my mother in-law who found it at a thrift store and just couldn’t resist the deal and good structure. I was going to have it professionally  reupholstered, but after getting a quote of $350-$500 I decided to learn how to do it myself or find another option.  After looking at several blogs on spray paining material, I decided to try this project with fabric paint to keep the soft feel of the fabric. The downside to using fabric spray paint is that the material soaks it up very quickly, and at the steep price of $10.00/can with 8 cans needed to finish a chair, your cheap DIY project suddenly just got a lot more expensive! After going through 5 cans and only coming up with a light finish (as you can see below) I decided it was time to try another method. I had read  a blog on spray painting material with regular paint and decided to give it a shot. I strongly suggest you perform this project on a piece you would use more as a occasional chair (I chose my office chair) due to the fact that the material will be a bit stiffer. Even with its slightly stiff fabric, I’m thrilled with the result of 2 cans of spray paint! This chair adds so much to the room and I love it!

After 3 cans of fabric paint-

New and Improved!

2 cans of regular spray paint