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Simple and Easy



My biggest challenge with having two of the cutest little men, is taking time to prep my food and find time to eat. But this week I was determined to set the time aside for the successful prepping of all my meals and feed my body the nutrition it needs to carry me through my days and workouts.  I love coming up with simple and easy recipes that I can whip together while McCarthy and Bennett are napping or jamming to the Wiggles. I hope this helps you prep for success this week!


Just another glamorous night of laundry



Healthy Simple Turkey Burgers

1 pound lean turkey

half of a white onion

1 egg

1 tbsp basil

1 tsp pepper

In large bowl mix all ingredients till completely blended, form into patties, cook in skillet on medium heat till meat is no longer pink and enjoy!

A good report


You know your a mom when…You are trying to take outfit photos and you realize there are cloth diapers in the background. #Classy

Sweater-Americal Apparel-Collard Shirt-JoeFresh-Jeans-Garage-Blazer-H&M-Loafers-Steve Madden-Clutch-Michael Kors


Although my belly did not grow as round and large with this pregnancy, I knew that my abbs had decided to split this time around. Being a trainer I know that having a large split of your abdominal wall is no joke and I was determined to not only heal correctly but also gain knowledge for clients in the future.

One of the best decisions I made after having Bennett was going to see Corrine Wade at Kare Physio. I knew that if I didn’t have someone telling me to take it easy and teaching me how to heal my muscles correctly, I would push it too hard too soon.   Corinne, is packed full of knowledge and took the time with each session to answer all my questions and concerns. On Friday after only 4 weeks of following the exercises she gave me I was given the ok that my abs had healed and I was released to start doing boot camp class again. i can not tell you how excited I was! I honestly love working out and having to stick to cardio was definitely a challenge.  I’m sharing this experience with all of you because I feel sometimes as women and mothers we put our needs, concerns and fears on the back burner in order to take care of our family. i really want to encourage you to take control of your health, get informed and face those fears that you may have allowed to grow bigger then they should.   


For more information feel free to e-mail me with questions or visit Kare Physiotherapy 


 Week #5

Bennett had his 5 week check up with Malachite this week and he is growing like a little weed!

11.5 pounds,healthy,happy and full of smiles!

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year to all of you! It would be wonderful if children somehow knew you had been up till 2am ringing in the new year with your fabulous friends, but like most parents out there, we started our day bright and early this morning.  After trying to shock the body with some black coffee, Troy and I put our planning hats on and started our yearly goal sheet. I’m a goal nerd! I love writing them down, talking about them, encouraging others in them and looking back at the progress I’ve made over my last year.  I’ve recently started a journal where I keep my thoughts on my year and our goals. I want to look back and really celebrate the things we have overcome and not lose site of the many blessings that have taken place in our lives.

I wanted to start my 2013 blog posts with the subject of goal setting because I have seen the fruit and power of writing goals and keeping them in front of me throughout the year. Some of the best training in writing goals I ever received was working for lululemon athletica. To this day I still go back to their training steps before writing my goals.  I strongly encourage you to head over to lululemon’s goal setting page, make a lovely cup of tea and change your life by providing focus to your year and personal journey. Without goals we flounder in a world of mediocrity and we don’t get a whole lot done. Lets make this year great and set the ground work today! 


Here are the beginning stages of my goals for 2013! In my journal I break these goals down and make them more specific such as….

Health-I eat more raw foods-Specific-Every morning I juice raw fruits and vegetables.


In 2013 I will…



Heres to a healthy,happy and succeful 2013!