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Tannis Miller said in her recent blog post ” Getting in shape is or should be about feeling good, and not being a slave to get there”. I could not agree more! When I decided to compete at Tri-Fitness I made the solid decision to enjoy the process and not give up the foods I love. I believe real success and happiness comes when you don’t feel like you are missing out on life during the process. That means saying yes to wine nights with the girls and not having to kill myself in the gym because I are a piece of chocolate the night before!  I truly believe in balanced training and a balanced diet. I will be honest though, since changing my lifestyle and adding healthier foods, I do not enjoy overloading my body with junk anymore. Maybe this will sound sad to you, but chocolate, French fries and chips don’t taste the same anymore! I know, horrible right?! So to make myself feel better both physically and mentally I have added some healthier goodies into my cheat meals. This way I get to enjoy something sweeter and not feel like my stomach is going to make me pay for days. These cookies are honestly one of the greatest things you will eat and so easy to make! Enjoy~~*


Cookie Dough

1/2 c quick cooking oats

  1/4 c natural peanut butter

2 squares of dark chocolate

1 TBSP of honey

2 TSP Vanilla Extract

 1/4 c egg whites (make sure you use the 100% egg whites, pasteurized)

1 Tbsp unsweetened almond milk


Place all ingredients in large bowl, Mix well, roll into balls, place in freezer on parchment paper for 2 hours and then enjoy!

Makes 15 balls

45 calories per ball:)

Feed your baby and fit into those skinny jeans??!!


Persuing a fitness competition while breast feeding is no easy task, but it is not impossible as many will tell you. When you decide to take on a goal this large after having a baby, get prepared for some positive and negative feedback/comments that will make you question the goal. When I decided to compete at Tri-Fitness, the most important thing to me was that I continued to breast feed. I nursed McCarthy while training for my last fitness shoot and had no problems, but regardless of my previous experience I wanted to go into this armed with knowledge and understanding.  So how do you fit into your skinny jeans and still feed a chubby, healthy little baby? Fat, fat and more fat!  The worst thing you can do to your body while breast feeding is cut your calories, let me say that again in a way you may understand….EAT !!!! My diet right now consists of 1800 calories a day, plus I add 100 from fish oil and 100 for essential oils. I’m going to give you a quick overview of the amount of food I would eat in a day so that you can get a clear picture. The reality is that good food feeds a healthy baby and naturally allows your body to slim down. Whenever I start to make excuses or get lazy with my diet , I ask myself am I really feeding my body and my babies body the nutrition it needs..? I am learning more and more everyday what it takes to achieve these goals, and I have a lot more to learn. If you have questions please e-mail me or post a comment! I would love to offer any support or encouragement I can along the way!



1 cup egg whites (yes a full cup)

1 egg

1/2 cup oat meal

1/2 cup berries

1 scoop protein


1 hard boiled egg

1 apple

1 tbsp almond butter

1 scoop protein 



4 oz protein

unlimited fibrous veggies

40z yams

1/4 avocado



1 cup plain Greek yogurt

15 almonds

1 apple


4 oz protein 

40z yams or 1/4 cup brown rice

unlimited fibrous veggies

1/4 avocado



if needed or heavy training day

1 scoop protein

3 cups air popped pop corn 


How can you add more fat and protein to your diet?

Add coconut oil or avocado to your morning shake

For protein throw a 1/2 cup of pure 100% egg whites in your shake

I know it sounds a little gross but you won’t even notice them!




The road to Tri-Fitness 2013

 I’ve decided to share with you my journey to Tri-Fitness  Florida 2013! I’ve wanted to participate in this competition for a couple years now and with the support of my wonderful husband and Carly Mitchell, I’m making this goal a reality this year. I’m going to share with you my progress, struggles, diet, workouts and weekly photos.  The first thing I will admit was that I faced a lot of fear before committing to this competition. Is it too soon? How will I find time to train with 2 little boys? Do I want to push myself this hard? am I pushing myself to hard? Shoot I can’t have my cheats every day! I m sharing my thoughts with you because I want you to know that although I love training, this is not a easy task for me.  My baby weight does not just magically fall off my body (oh how I wish I was one of the blessed ones) It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. What does this work look like?  6 am workouts,  prepping food for the week and being on point with clean eating.  It has been 12 weeks since Bennett has been born and I have 12 weeks till my competition (eeek!) So far I have lost a total of 16 pounds and I have around 15 more to go. My focus for my workouts at this point is 3 days of heavy lifting,  2 full body/cardio workouts and 3 yoga classes a week. I truly love working out and sweating, so this is not my struggle. The struggle is definitely sticking to a 6 meal a day plan while being a mom, trainer, and wife.  Every week I eat eat eat I see results and feel more confidant about the competition! So here’s to the beginning of my public 12 week journey to Tri-Fitness!  Send me your questions or comments , I would love to hear from you!


Oh boy here we go with the first photos-

12 weeks post Baby




Competition food is not so bad! Check out these breakfast cookies! Thanks Carly for the recipe:)

Today I was out of berries, so I added coco powder and peanut butter instead. Super yummy, but a little dry. My suggestion would be to add a little bit of coconut oil for moisture.

1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup egg whites & 3 scoops vanilla protein mixed with a fork in a bowl, added some blackberries & dropped on a cookie sheet! Bake at 425 for 10-15min










This photo truly captures the speed of the past two weeks in our house.  Life has been busy with birthdays, family visiting and a heavy training schedule. As I feel life speeding by, I also feel myself grasping and collecting every special moment of my little family’s life that I can.  One of these very special moments was last Saturday as we celebrated McCarthy’s 2’nd birthday. That night I laid in bed and re played the past two years in my head and how the love of a little man has changed my world forever…



Your life opened my life to a unspeakable joy that my heart has always longed for.  From the very moment you entered into this world, I knew we would have a special bond and take on the many adventures of life with so many laughs. You have brought a mirror to my life that I will forever be thankful for. Because of you I laugh more, I’ve slowed down, and my words reflect the softness you have brought to my heart.  I’m daily reminded I’m not perfect and that sometimes we need to talk less and hug more. You are everything I have prayed for and so much more. I pray daily your courageous heart and your musical spirit lights up every place your feet lead you. You will always and forever have my heart and my love~~*