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Thanksgiving celebrations and raw cacao truffles

Happy American Thanksgiving from the Doell house! I decided this year to keep my American heritage alive in our house and host another Thanksgiving alongside my year end client Christmas party! Yesterday, we all worked hard to put the final touches on our house and bring in the warmth of the holiday’s for our guests tonight!


  • ¾ cup raw cacao powder (available at health stores)
  • 2 cups ground raw almonds (preferably sprouted then dried first)
  • ½ cup raw organic honey
  • 1 Tbs. organic coconut oil
  • Pinch of Celtic sea salt
  • 1 cup shredded, dried unsweetened coconut flakes


  1. Combine all the ingredients except for the coconut flakes in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.
  2. Roll up your sleeves, take a small amount of the mixture, and roll small balls between your palms. Add your love!
  3. Dip each ball in a separate smaller bowl containing the coconut flakes.
  4. Freeze overnight to harden the truffles. I keep them frozen until they are ready to serve.

 Inspired By my DIY/Expert and sister-law, This year we made our own ornaments! 

And Mantel piece

Instructor Profile


Oranj Fitness, recently asked me a few questions. Thought I would share with you! Thank you Carol Domanko, for all your work on this video







The moment you entered this world you captured my heart. You have softened my spirit, increased my laugh lines and caused me to wonder if my heart may burst with the love it holds for you. Bennett there are not enough words in this world for me to describe the love this body holds for you.

Happy 1’st Birthday Benny Booskie!






























thank you for being a part of my life


“Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do.”~Paulo Coelho

Thank you Roberta for sharing this quote.



 Troy, McCarthy and Bennett, thank you for believing in me and loving me. You have not only supported my dreams, but you have cheered me through every turn this journey has taken me. I love you beyond words!




Clayton Arnall, thank you for believing in me and investing so much into this project. The dedication, creativity and perfection in your work commands respect. Thank you for being a slightly crazy kindred spirit (It makes it easier to relate with you.)



 Tasha, thank you for not only being the most amazing hair dresser, but for being one of the most encouraging and loyal friends this girl could ask for. You have believed in me, encouraged me, spoke truth and stood beside me as I figure life out. I love you friend, and I’m so thankful for you.




Melanie Feeny, thank you for producing magic with your makeup brushes every morning! You lifted my spirits every morning with our little chats. It has been such a pleasure getting to work with you again and I look forward to many more projects with you!



Madison Cook, you are one of the most professional and pleasant young woman I have had the opportunity to work with. The amount of talent and creativity that is in your little body amazed me this weekend! Thank you for being apart of our team! I’m so excited for the career you have ahead of you.





Thank you Shane Pizzey for supporting this project. Training and shooting in your facility was incredible! You should be so proud of the goals you have achieved and the professionalism you have brought to Kelowna’s coaching/training circuit. Thank you again!

body comp,weight and measurment


Behind the scenes photo Credit-Madison Cook

Day 2 of our fitness video shoot is over and I’m wiped out! Abs are sore, arms are tired and my butt is aching for a massage.  That being said, there is no feeling like living out your dream! These past two days have really been incredible, and an incredible amount of work.  I keep reminding myself to take a deep breath and soak in every moment. Tomorrow is the last day of shooting for this project, and I’m going to give it everything I have physically, mentally and enjoy every salty French fry that waits for me at home!

As I promised last night, I have included measurements, weight and my body comp results below. Over the last few months, I have come to realize that the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. When I decided to take on this project, I made the decision to train, eat and think in a way that was completely different for me. I started lifting heavy, cut my cardio sessions to 20 min 2-3 times a week and upped my calories from 1500 to 1800 on a low day and around 2400 on a high day. At my last shoot I weighed in at 121 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 10%. I trained like crazy, did tons of cardio and lived on a very restricted diet up until the day of my shoot. This time around, I upped my carbs as the shoot got closer (which was actually pretty hard for me mentally, but I pushed through) did not dehydrate and weighed in at 128 shoot day with a body fat % of 6.4 Yuhasz test and 8.6 Parizkova, with my muscle mass index at 54.9% (elite athletes typically are 55%.) My body is stronger, healthier and my fat % is way lower then last time! Ladies, pick up the heavy weights! Muscle eats fat and leaves you with a body that is leaner and able to handle those carbs you have been longing for.



Shane Pizzey from Aspire did a great job of breaking down the information gathered from the body fat tests into real-life action steps to help me improve. With having Hypo-Thyroidism, my Estrogen levels tend to be high and my testosterone levels low, which is still the case in my body. This results in me carrying more body fat in the lower half of my body. Over the next couple months, my goal is to alter these levels by training 6-8 rep max for my lower body, boosting my Vitamin B intake and continuing to fuel with a lot of greens. Thanks again Shane for taking the time to explain all of this to me!

I’ve included my measurements below.

Ribs – 27 inches

Waist – 24

Stomach – 26

Hips – 33






first day of shooting done!



After months of training and preparation, we finally began our first of 3 days of filming for my latest project. This past week included water/salt loading along with enough carbs over these last three days to keep me going for months! Over the course of this weekend I’m going to continue to carb load to keep my body fueled and getting all the nutrition it needs. What does a high carb day look like for me?



Vit c

Omega 3


green tea











/FAT (measured in grams)





2OZ Fish






½ TBSP EXTRA coconut oil





Green tea

2oz Fish






1 cup Salad



Vit c

Omega 3

2oz chicken breast



4oz sweet potato







green tea

2oz fish



1 cup string beans



2 brown rice crackers with 

1tbsp raw almond butter


Vit c

Omega 3 


2.5oz chicken



1 cup rice or sweet potato



1 cup broccoli















People have been asking if I cut out alcohol, cheat meals, or sugar during this process? First of all, I haven’t had a drink of alcohol in 3 weeks, not because I was worried about weight gain, but because I found it was really hard to balance training, parenting and running at full speed after drinking wine. With that being said, I did drink a glass of red wine last night before my shoot today (had to celebrate!) No, I did not give up cheat meals, as I didn’t feel as though I needed to with all the heavy weight lifting I was adding to my daily workouts. My body seemed to burn right through the cheat meal, so I decided to relax and the only thing I eliminated this last week was sugar. Sugar is pretty harsh on our immune systems, and when I eat a cheat meal with lots of sugar, my body almost feels hung over the next day. Without a clear head, it’s hard to push my body to the next level during training sessions, so I had to say goodbye to sugar this past week. 



What was the highlight of the first day of shooting? I think one of the major highlights for me today was having my body fat percentage tested by Shane Pizzey from Aspire Fitness. I’m a complete nerd when it comes to learning new things, I LOVE IT! I really felt like Shane took the time today, not only test my body fat, but teach me how it should be done properly and what a skin fold test can really tell a person about their training.  I walked away feeling inspired and couldn’t wait to read up more on the information he passed along to me.

I will be posting my body fat percentage and measurements tomorrow so stay tuned!


salt and water loading







This is what salt and water loading looks like on my body. I feel like I might float away from the 8 liters of water I have been drinking everyday, and it’s crazy that I have actually started to look smaller and softer, as you can see in the photos above.

So why salt and water load?

Do your muscles come back? Why am I not dehydratying my body?

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone for all the messages of encouragement and questions as of late. And for those of you who sent me your personal stories and goals that you are working towards, I am so excited to see you reach your goals as I am fighting to reach mine! I’m so inspired by all of you and that’s why I push myself everyday to learn more and spread this knowledge to you.

Back to the questions…

I copied this article from Bodybuilding.com because it explains the process of salt and water loading, and gives you the reasons behind it.



Sodium can cause you to bloat up and or hold water under your skin. Manipulating salt intake is crucial to looking as defined as possible. From Days 10 to 2,  I start actively salting my meals.By doing this, I encourage your system to start actively excreting both salt and water. 

On Days 2 and 1,  I drop the salt completely and become very cautious of any form of salt. Now is the time to start reading labels and make sure none of the foods you’re eating have sodium in them. For example, no more liquid egg whites or protein shakes—both have a lot of sodium. Unfortunately, this means no more sodium-heavy hot sauces, or most sauces in general. You will find out how tough you really are!

Why is your salt intake so critical? Sodium has a remarkable effect on fluid balance, both inside and outside of your muscles. The goal in cutting is to suck fluid from the outside of your muscle cells to their inside, giving them a full and shapely look.

Water Load, Then Dry Out

If you did nothing else but manipulate your water intake, you would see a dramatic change in appearance. 

The first step is jacking your water up to a set amount, 2 liters higher than your normal daily intake. So if you normally drink 3 L of water per day, consume 5 L. Measure it out—don’t guess or eyeball it. 

On Day 2 you cut your water in half from the high level of the previous days. Then, on Day 1, the day of your big event, don’t drink more than a liter of water. Many physique athletes cut their water to nothing, but in my opinion this is extreme. I don’t recommend ever cutting your water to zero.


So why do we water load and then cut back? The amount of water you consume determines how your body handles fluid balance. When you take in excess water, your body just flushes it out. By drinking a higher amount of water you trick your body into flushing more when you cut back, which results in your muscles looking tighter. 

The combined effects of carb-loading, salt avoidance, and water depletion will suck as much fluid into the muscle tissue as possible. In the end, your muscles are going to be fuller, rounder, and harder. You’ll see definition you never knew you had!

So what does my diet look like through this process?

I truly believe in the science of carb cycling and I chose to do this right until the big day. 

Day 7-High carb

Day 6- High carb

Day 5 – low carb

Day 4 – Low carb – No carbs on this day other then veggies

Day-3 High

Day-2 High

Day 1 High 

So why high carbs the last three days? 

Over the last three days, you fill out your muscles by taking in plenty of complex carbs such as rice, potatoes, yams and oatmeal. This increases your glycogen stores and pushes water into the muscles, giving you a full and round appearance for your big day. The carb-loading phase is the fun part of the shred and ensures you look as good as possible.

I hope this answers your questions guys!

eat your way to a six pack




 This shot was taken after dinner and with the cutest training buddy in the world!



  Today I’m officially 9 days away from my video shoot/fitness project, which I will be going public with in the new year. When I started working towards my current goal, I knew that my body needed to be in top performance shape. When we think about getting lean and sporting a six pack, for most of us our minds go to egg whites and nights crying over the loss of carbohydrates. I once read a statement on Instagram from a fitness model that said “some nights I lay awake crying over how hungry I am.” Really?! Who wants to live like that! Not me! So I got smart. Before starting this process I read, I researched, and I hired a nutrition/fitness mentor to counsel me through the process. And…it was the best decision I could have ever made. If you are currently training for a competition or just wanting to lean out for a personal goal and you’re being advised to eat egg whites and deprive yourself of fat and carbohydrate’s, RUN! Burn that meal plan, take a breather and make yourself a carb snack. Through this process I have carb cycled my foods and ate my way to a six pack. My week currently consist of 3 low carbohydrate days, 2 medium and 2 high. By carb cycling I keep my body guessing and my fat stores burning.  When I step in front of that camera next Friday, my goal is to look lean and healthy, not sunken-in and deprived. Get healthy, get smart and EAT A CARB! 



Interested in what I’ll be eating over the next 9 day’s? Follow along as I post my daily meals in preparation for the camera.

This is one of my favourite meals! Throw some Organic chicken breast in the slow cooker with Mr.Spice Thai Peanut sauce (this sauce has only 2 grams sodium, 2 grams sugar), slow cook for 5 hours and serve with vegetables of your choice!

This would be an option for my low carb dinner. The salad dressing is homemade.

I mix 2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp balsalmic

1/2 pack steviea

1 garlic clove 

parsley,basil and rosemary to taste preference.






Go Green


  I’m currently 3 weeks away from my fitness goal/project.  Maintaining a healthy Immune system and my body receiving all the nutrition it can is vital.    Today I’m going to share with you my favourite green drinks and how they can boost your immune system! 


-If your diet consist of meats, wheat and dairy it’s acid-forming.

-If you have stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety your body is acidic. This causes our adrenal’s to suffer and constantly release cortisol.

-Changes in the acidity of our tissues and blood causes our body to work less than optimal. Our immune system is and our bodies capacity to heal is compromised. 

-The constant build of of glucose,lactic acid and cetones force the kidneys into excreting higher amounts of certain minerals. 

Ok so what the heck do we do?

Through the summer I did a lot of reading on our ph levels and the alkaline in the body. After having Bennett my skin started to suffer, my immune system kept crashing and I actually ended up in the emergency room.  My body was worn out and there was no support coming from my immune system. I sought out the knowledge of a Natural path and after some testing we realized that my thyroid levels had dropped which often causes a drop in your immune system as well. Without a healthy immune system you cannot get your thyroid on track. Rather than put a band aid on it, I wanted to go to the source of my problem and fix it! When you really look at the nitty gritty of our bodies, almost everything is connected to the gut. If our gut is operating at its highest potential we are able to extract the minerals and enzymes we need from the foods we eat.  But when our guts and alkaline systems are off, our bodies cannot receive the nutrition it needs. 

So rather then turn this into a massive scientific discussion, I’ll quickly explain what a proper ph/alakaline state should be and how we bring our bodies back to these levels.

Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline (7.35 – 7.45). A deviation from this range can lead to symptoms and disease. A pH of 7.0 is neutral; below 7.0 is acidic and above 7.0 is alkaline .

Go green!
How do the enzymes in our greens support our immune system?
    1. Digest food 
    2. Break down toxins 
    3. Cleanse the blood 
    4. Strengthen the immune system 
    5. Build protein into muscle 
    6. Contract muscles 
    7. Eliminate carbon dioxide from the lungs, and  Reduce stress on the pancreas and other vital organs.
Throughout the summer I read Kimberly Snyders “Beauty Detox” and committed to a 90% vegan lifestyle along with her glowing green smoothie first thing in the morning.  This was great for a season, but I discovered that I’m not really ready to give up meat and neither is my body. I started looking for more ways of getting the same level of greens per day that the glowing green smoothie offered to support my immune system and improve my alkaline.  After trying a couple different types of green drinks my current picks are EON’S Phytofuel (check blog post out here) and Greens Plus Whole Body Nutrition.
How do I use these products?
My current routine is to wake up, drink a warm cup of lemon water and follow it up with Greens Plus Whole Body Nutrition. This increases the alkaline in my body and balances my system for the day ahead.
After my workouts, I drink a glass of Phytofuel. This will boost my immune system after my nutrition has been depleted from my workout and it also offers a serving of protein.

Containing 70% fermented ingredients – including fermented plant foods, fermented essential fatty acids, fermented fibre & fermented protein – greens+ whole body NUTRITION nourishes the micro flora of our gut environment with helps the body achieve:

  • Amplified antioxidants, nutrient absorption and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients during the digestive process
  • The ability to generate valuable nutrients and co-factors, as well as protecting against anti-nutrients

Plus – nourishing the bacteria in your intestinal tract improves your overall health by:

• Helping the digesting and absorption of certain carbohydrates

• Preventing gas, bloating and constipation

• Producing vitamins, absorbing minerals and eliminating toxins

• Keeping bad bacteria under control

• Preventing allergies

• Providing vital support to your immune system 

greens+ whole body NUTRITION also feeds key systems and functions of the body with premium nutrition from:

• The nutritional, allergen free, and pH balancing benefits of greens+ O

• Brain, mood and vision support from Vegan Vitamin D, Extramel™, NeuroFactor™ and Lutein

• Supercharged whole foods, including organic spirulina, red beets, carrot, chlorella, broccoli & broccoli sprouts, olive, cocoa and rice bran

• Energizing standardized herbal extracts

• Antioxidant rich botanicals including AuroraBlue™ 

PLUS- greens+ whole body NUTRITION is 100% vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and made with non-GMO ingredients.


For more information check out Genuine Health Or head to your local NaturesFare .

    Some Tips to increase the alkaline in your body-
  • Include alkaline producing foods like yogurt, honey, fruits and dark leafy green vegetables.
  • Add walnuts, pine nuts and almonds (other nuts are acid forming).
  • Avoid acid-forming foods like red meat, alcohol, coffee, sodas, cheese, refined sugar, wheat flour and chocolate.
  • Exercise and rest to counteract effects of stress.
  • Instead of following a diet protocol to the letter, listen to your body.
  • Signs of inflammation, lack of energy and any sign of mineral or vitamin deficiency could improve by adding variety in the diet but sometimes supplementation is necessary. Consult your nutritionist.

matters of the heart – jealousy




Happy Sunday everyone! Over the next month, my focus for the blog is going to be on immune support. What are the best immune boosting foods, drinks, supplement, vitamins and activities? Also, what are some of the things we take part in every day that could be causing our immune system heavy trauma.

Today my focus is on heart health. I’ve titled these series of posts “Matters of the heart” because I believe this is the number 1 place to start with our health and wellness.  The topic for today…Jealously!  I chose this subject to talk about first because it’s something I deal with on a daily bases and I’m sure many of you do as well.

-You feel it when you’re walking down the beach and the girl passing you is rocking that bikini

-You feel it when your friends business becomes more successful then your own

-You feel it when you see your friends children constantly succeeding 

                                                                 And the list goes on…

Although we may down-play jealousy and try to pawn it off as harmless, it is actually quite dangerous. It shapes our attitudes towards other people, and keeps us from loving, serving, and celebrating with the people we love. Eventually jealously will take complete hold of your heart and you find yourself in a race against this person, without them even knowing about it. Jealousy eventually becomes resentment. Resentment is something that requires justification, so we go looking for good reasons why we resent them. Once we have convinced ourselves, we are safe! There is no need for us to resolve our feelings because we know that they’re perfectly justified. We find friends to talk/discuss/gossip about our jealousy/resentment and they assure us we have grounds for our feelings. Sound familiar? Who do you secretly resent? Dig Deep! Be honest. Is it your partner? Friend? Co-Worker? Even your kids?

The reality is that whoever it is that stirs your jealousy is not really the source of the problem. The heart of jealousy comes from wanting recognition. The reason you resent _____ has nothing to do with them. The problem is you are not getting what you want.

So what do we do?

Ridding the heart of jealousy begins with taking a long hard look in the mirror, not across the room, street or table, but directly in the mirror. To guard yourself against jealousy, you’ve got to celebrate the success, size and stuff that you have tended to envy. You need to go out of your way to verbally express your congratulations over others success and accomplishments. This must become a habit!

Celebrating the success of others will help you conquer those emotions that have the potential to drive a wedge in the relationship. Don’t wait until you feel like celebrating others, celebrate until you feel like it.

Refuse to be taken prisoner by emotions that don’t reflect reality 

Celebrate the achievements of others that may reflect negatively on you…or so you think. Does their success make you look unaccomplished? Will others think you should have tried harder? Did they steal your thunder?

Let it go! There is something powerful and liberating about celebrating the success’ of others. It keeps your heart free and clear. The moment we allow jealousy to take hold of our heart, our relationships start to suffer and walls immediately go up. We isolate ourselves from relationship where we could have learned very valuable lessons and we shut ourselves off from love and joy that life has for us.

This subject is very near and dear to my heart because I am constantly challenged in this area…but I have made a decision to keep my jealousy in check. When I read Andy Stanley’s book “Enemies of The Heart” I was challenged in a profound and humbling way in many areas of my life. I have been the jealous friend and have also been on the receiving end of jealousy.  It has been almost 2 years since I started this blog and with that I chose to be open my life and personal goals up to the world. What I wasn’t expecting was the gossip, story telling and unsupportive comments that people would make to my face and behind my back. Whether “talkers” think their words will be heard or not, they usually make their way around, and in the end hurts. Through this, I have had huge support along with the negative responses, and I truly believe every situation has been a learning experience to teach me to keep my own mouth shut about others, celebrate others and keep my heart free and clear in order to enjoy my life. Let’s put these good habits into practice and set ourselves free from the things that hold us back from health and happiness. There is no greater health decision you could make for your immune system then happiness!


For more information and support:

Organic Authority

Enemies of the heart

Kids Health