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Free Video Blog: Sandbag Workout

Free Video Blog - Sandbag Workout

Welcome to our Video Blog page! I will be adding new Video Blogs each week for you to follow along to as you challenge yourself to push further in your personal fitness. It’s important to have a consistent workout routine each week, and my hope is that by watching these Video Blogs, you will be inspired to get off the couch and get active. Each week I will walk you through entire workouts start to finish with helpful tips along the way. Take these workouts to the gym with you, or bang them out at home! Get ready, your new-found fitness journey starts today!

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti-BologneseEvery week I try and cook up an amazing Italian dish that will impress the men in my house. Tonight’s dish was inspired by Jillian Harris’ recent Spaghetti Bolognese blog post. If you’re not currently following Jill and decide tonight is the night, be prepared to see some dangerously tempting dishes! After my mouth watering discovery, I decided to re-work the recipe in an attempt to create a healthier version of Jillian’s “party in your mouth!” I hope you thoroughly enjoy this clean-eating dish in my attempt at taking on a true Bolognese recipe!

Eat your heart out!

Clean Eating Spaghetti Squash Bolognese

1/2 pound ground turkey

1 pepper

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

1 (28 ounce) can crushed tomatoes

1 (15 ounce) can tomato sauce

2 tablespoons xylitol

1 1/2 tablespoons dried basil

1 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon parsley

1/4 teaspoon black pepper


In a large skillet, cook the ground turkey with onions, peppers, garlic and seasonings.

Once meat is fully cooked, add your crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. Allow to simmer for at least 20 minutes. The longer it simmers the richer the flavours become. Serve with baked spaghetti squash and a salad of your choice!

Head to Jillian’s Blog for your the true Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.

 Spaghetti Bolognese Ben

Chocolate for breakfast


I recently came across this post by Butter Believer and I couldn’t help but share! I woke up this morning with a craving for salty chocolate., so at 7am i was whipping together these tasty chocolate treats.Sometimes you just have to satisfy the craving and enjoy life. Here’s to a healthy metabolism and large amounts of chocolate in our lives!

Homemade Dark Chocolate Chunks with Fleur de Sel



Melt the coconut oil in a small saucepan, then add in the rest of the ingredients (except the fleur de sel). Whisk together thoroughly.

To make chunky dark chocolate bars, line a baking dish with parchment paper, and pour in the chocolate. Refrigerate until hardened (it doesn’t take very long). Then, either cut into bars or break into chunks. If you want to add a sprinkling of fleur de sel, do so! It’s delightful! Be sure to store your chocolate in the refrigerator or even the freezer so it doesn’t get melty. Coconut oil liquifies at 76 degrees.


So chocolate helps my metabolism? How does it work?


If you’re wondering just how this chocolate will make you sweaty-sheets-warm from your burning hot metabolism, here’s why that’ll happen.

Coconut Oil: Metabolic Superfood

Coconut oil is one of the most powerful metabolism-boosting foods on the planet. I raised my body temperature (and my metabolic rate) by a full degree in less than a week, simply by eating coconut oil! It’s pretty amazing stuff.


“Coconut oil is renowned for its ability to assist with metabolic rate and body heat, but any source of coconut will do. The medium-chain saturated fatty acids seem to be the active warming ingredient. Coconut is of course very calorie dense with a low water content, and cooking foods in oil of any kind increases the calorie to water ratio [to create a warming effect from your foods].”

Eat for Heat, Matt Stone


Besides caffeine, cocoa contains a hefty amount of some very key nutrients that are hard to find in such a potent source elsewhere. For example, cocoa’s zinc, copper, and selenium content rivals that of oysters, a nutrient-dense superfood to be sure, but not one that you’d want to eat every day, probably. If you ate chocolate every day, you’d get almost the same amount of zinc as you’d get from one serving of oysters, and more copper and selenium, plus many other minerals.

But most impressive to me, is cocoa’s magnesium content! Magnesium is essential for optimal cellular respiration and metabolism. Most of us are at least somewhat deficient in it, and few foods are a rich source of this critical mineral. In just one ounce of cocoa, you get 140 mg of magnesium—that’s 35% of your RDA! Pretty awesome.

Natural Sugars: Optimal Fuel for your Cells

I really wish we’d all stop blaming sugar for all our problems. Really, truthfully, sugar is NOT the devil. And you need it.

In fact, it’s your body’s preferred source of fuel. That’s because your cells run on a form of energy from sugar—glucose. Getting enough glucose into your cells provides fuel they need to do their job, which is to provide energy to all of your body’s systems. That’s essentially what metabolism is—how effectively your cells are able to take in this fuel and turn it into energy.

So, providing your body with natural, wholesome sources of this very important fuel is ideal.Natural sugars feed the metabolism and shut down the body’s stress response—raising body temperature and stimulating a healthy metabolic rate.

Salt: The Ultimate Warming Nutritional Tool

While salt is demonized by most of the mainstream nutrition scene, here among the alternative realm of real food, it’s generally pretty well-accepted as a beneficial nutrient. But did you know that salt is critical for the body’s metabolism?

Salt acts as a thermogenic substance in the body, which means it increases your energy expenditure and heat production. In short, salt actually raises your metabolic rate. Salt works to lower stress hormones and also raises oxytocin levels, which can lift your moods and give you a feeling of well-being.”

The Nourished Metabolism, Elizabeth Walling

Combined with the sugars and saturated fat, salt makes this chocolate cover 3 out of 4 of the“Anti-Stress S’s” — Matt Stone’s suggestions in the book, Eat for Heat, for the most pro-metabolic and warming nutrients. The only one missing? Starch. But hey—eat up some of those chocolate-covered pretzels I made, and you’re 4 for 4, baby!


Pizza Night


After three days away at Sparkling Hill Resort, it was back to real life on Monday. This included meal prepping and meal cooking, which I can’t say I was overly excited about. There is nothing better than having someone else clean your room, prep your food, and leave a fluffy robe out for you to wear down to the saunas…Sounds amazing right? It was! But now I’m back, and being back isn’t so bad when you have two little boys waiting to squish you the moment you go to pick them up…which I love!

In our house we try to do pizza night once a week and most of the time this mom has to opt out. I normally choose a healthier option like yam fries, chicken and a salad…not because I want to, but because my body feels better and is better fueled. Due to my hypo-thyroidism, my metabolism is rather slow, so making healthy choices and training is a must! There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re missing out, so I love getting creative and making the “not so healthy” a bit healthier. We made this gluten-free pizza tonight and, no joke, it went so fast I didn’t even get a finished product photo.



1 Tsp Baking Powder

1/2 cup Sweet Potato Mashed

1 Medium Egg

3/4 cup all purpose gluten free flower

oregano and basil to flavour

I also blended up 3 cups of spinach, 1 pepper, 1/4 onion and topped the pizza with this and coconut oil instead of pizza sauce. Bake at 375 for 15-18 minutes .

I ate chocolate chip cookies for dessert:)

Final gift giveaway……



We’ve come to the end of our gift giveaway! I hope these gifts have helped set your year up for success. When choosing the final giveaway, I decided to make it very personal. One of the greatest ways to set yourself up for success is by having accountability and support to help achieve your goals.  So I’m going to help you with that! The last and final giveaway is….

1 Month of personal training for you and a friend! (1 session per week)

When it comes to training, having a partner in the process can make a huge difference in your success. There is accountability for workouts, encouragement and someone to talk to about how sore you are (and how much you are loving it:) 

Also included in this prize is…

An afternoon for you and a friend spent with yours truly, first at your house cleaning out the cupboards, fridge, and any other secret spots where junky food may be hiding. Then we’ll head to the grocery store where I will help teach you how to better navigate food choices for the overall health of you and your family!

Thank you again to everyone who has entered this contest along the way and shared these posts over and over again. I hope that you were able to take away a few nuggets of helpful information that will help start 2014 off with a healthy bang! Check back tomorrow to see who the winner is of this final giveaway!



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Have fun entering!!!!!


Free Workout Video: Treadmill Workout Plan

Workout Video - Treadmill Workout PlanA creative treadmill workout plan is the perfect way to mix up your fitness routine and challenge your entire body. This cardio machine is tough, full of options and will leave you sore all over! Watch the video and follow along to my routine, then take what you’ve learned and create your own variations. You may get some interesting looks from people at the gym, but by the end of your workout, they’ll probably be on the treadmill next to you trying it out!

Self-Propelled Sprints

Treadmill pushing offers the same benefits as sled pushing (albeit in varying degrees) but with a number of additional advantages. Although you may have people asking you “What in the world are you doing?” this can also offer an opportunity to share your workouts. If you are a personal trainer yourself, it’s a great icebreaker for potential new clients. A treadmill workout plan can offer a great full body workout without having to dance around everyone on a busy gym day. Here a few simple things to remember when it comes to form and intensity during your treadmill workout.


1. Keep arms stiff and elbows next to the body (watch that your elbows to not splay out, this will put pressure on the shoulder joint.)
2. Lean slightly forward and keep a stiff and neutral spine
3. Once your sprint has ended keep your body moving with high knees, light jogging or dynamic stretches.
4.While executing your sprints, use your maximum effort and strength to push the belt! You want your legs to burn and every sprint to be worth it.
5. Maximize the length of the joints, hips, knees and ankles.

Increase Exercise Intensity

You can increase the intensity of your treadmill workout plan by increasing the speed of your stride, wearing a weighted vest, or strapping on some ankle weights. Be sure you’ve pushed as hard as you can without the weights before you try adding them. You want your progress to be incremental, without the risk of injury. Remember that gravity actually helps your propel forward and move the treadmill. So although you may think that adding lots of incline will help you get a better workout, 0% (no incline) is actually the most difficult incline due to the lack of gravity.


Make sure treadmill is turned off. Your knees should be hip width apart and as you lower your squat make sure to hinge at the hips each time. Keep your spine in alignment and keep your eyes looking straight ahead. You want to protect your spine alignment during your squats so keep your chip up eyes looking forward, chest out, shoulders back, slightly arched lower back, and always remember to exhale up, inhale down. For more information and tips on proper squatting technique check out my glute workout page.


Make sure the treadmill is turned off. Stand with your torso upright, as this will be your starting position. Step forward with your right leg around 2 feet or so from your stationary foot. Lower your upper body down, while keeping the torso upright and maintaining balance. Inhale as you go down. Note: As in the other exercises, do not allow your knee to go forward beyond your toes as you come down, as this will put undue stress on the knee joint. Make sure that you keep your front shin perpendicular to the ground. Using mainly the heel of your foot, push up and go back to the starting position as you exhale. Repeat the movement for the recommended amount of repetitions and then perform on opposite side.


Make sure the treadmill is turned off. Place your feet in the middle of the treadmill, with your hands on the floor directly under the shoulders. Your arms should have a soft bend in them to protect the elbow joint. You can simply leave the body here and hold your plank for your goal time or take it to a more advanced version and move into Pike. Grip the base of the treadmill with your toes and pull the treadmill belt towards your upper body, lifting the hips to the top and full pike position. Pull abs in and use all your strength and stability to press the belt away and straighten the body out again. If you feel you have the strength and stability, hold your pike at the top for a couple of seconds to give those abs a greater burn.

Mountain Climbers

Make sure treadmill is turned off . Keep your arms straight down underneath your shoulders. Gripping the belt with your toes, begin mountain climbing, pushing the treadmill away from you.

Plank With Push-Offs

Make sure treadmill is turned off. With your feet on the floor behind the treadmill, get into a plank with your elbows on treadmill, or get into a straight-arm plank with hands on treadmill. Push up onto your hands if not already (into a push-up position with feet still on floor) and begin pushing the treadmill forward, keeping the strides of your hands small. If you allow the strides of your hands to become to large you are at risk of poor stability and your treadmill running away from you!

Push Up

Make sure treadmill is turned off. With your hands placed directly under your shoulders and your elbows with a soft bend begin to lower your chest. You want your pressure to be on the outsides of the hands to protect your wrist and your abs to be tight and engaged to protect your lower back. Keep your eyes slightly looking forward to keep your neck in alignment with your cervical spine. Keep your tempo slow and controlled. I like to switch my push up workouts up and either do 2 down 1 up or really increase the burn with 4 counts down 4 counts up. Always keep a slight bend in the elbow! By keeping the slight bend and not straightening the elbow joint you will keep the pectoral muscles engaged.

Click Here to Return from Treadmill Workout Plan to our Home Page.

Workout Video: Back & Abs

Let’s be honest, your back and abs probably get neglected when you go to the gym. Well we’re going to change that! This video will walk you through some simple, yet challenging exercises that will help develop some fat-burning muscle in your back and abs. Oh ya, and that open-back dress that’s been collecting dust in your closet, will probably end up making an appearance at your next function. You’re welcome.

Here is an itemized list of all the exercises that make up this workout.

  1. Dumbbell Row – 12-15 reps
  2. Body weight pull ups – until failure
  3. Back Fly – 12-15 reps
  4. Reverse close grip chin up – until failure
  5. Plank with pulsing row – 10-12 reps each side
  6. Close grip body weight pull ups – until failure (hands facing in)
  7. Standing back row – 12-15 reps
  8. Abs toe taps on pull up bar – until failure
  9. Slow tempo back fly – 12-15 reps
  10. Ab circles on pull up bar – until failure
  11. Twisting plank Row – 10 reps each arm
  12. Oblique twist on pull up bar – until failure
  13. Pulsing standing row – 12-15 reps
  14. Pull ups – until failure (then pulse)
  15. Back fly with isometric hold – 10-12 reps
  16. Jumping pull ups – 20 reps
  17. Pulsing plank row – 10 reps each arm
  18. Plank twist – 10 reps each arm


Workout Video: Bands

Who would have thought that an oversized rubber band could give us such a great workout! Incorporating band workouts into your regular fitness routine is easy, because you can do this workout anywhere! These bands will easily fit into your purse, gym bag, and could probably go right into your jeans pocket. Remember, it’s not always about performing big, powerful movements when you are working out. Band workouts require slow, tight movements that force you to engage your core thus strengthening many areas of your body all at once. This is going to burn, and it’s going to work!

For this workout, set your timer for 1 minute for each exercise. It’s going to be tough, so deep breaths and relax the muscles you are not working. Here is an itemized list of all the exercised that make up this workout.
  1. 90 degree leg lift
  2. Leg extension
  3. 90 degree knee pulse
  4. Donkey kick back on all fours
  5. Straight leg lift on all fours
  6. Knee raise on all fours
  7. Side leg extensions
  8. 90 Degree knee lift ( feet elevated)
  9. Leg extension (feet elevated)
  10. Side leg raise
  11. Wine barrel Circles (both directions)
  12. Double leg lift
Switch sides