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Month: November 2015

Mother Nature Is Calling


With the drop of temperatures, we often start moving our workouts indoors to seek out warmer environments and light that doesn’t fade when the sun goes down. I can sympathize with this reaction because I’m a complete freeze baby and have little patience for being cold, but recently I started doing a bit of research on the benefits of taking those workouts outdoors. So before you retire your running shoes for that hot yoga room or put your road bike in the shed, you may want to check out some of the benefits of escaping the four walls and getting some fresh air. Read more at JillianHarris.com

This and That











Recent happenings…

  1. Adelaide is officially 4 months
  2. We made new friends this week
  3. My goal is to make one fun memory a week this fall
  4. Bennett love’s when I take time to be silly
  5. Well into my 31’st year and embracing everything this face is. Less makeup, more smiling and lines to show stories
  6. I’m thankful for handsfree diaper bags
  7. Parenting has been a challenge with many changes happening. We remind each other daily ” we are a team.”
  8. Breast-feeding does the cheeks good