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Boombaloo Summer Is Here!


I recently spent the day with BC Tree Fruits picking cherries, taking pictures and learning about the amazing fruit that’s available in the Okanagan Valley. Today, Boombaloo Okanagan launched their summer issue, and once again I’m blown away by the amazing work and dedication all the contributors put into each article!

Congratulations on another amazing job Boombaloo.  You can prevue your summer issue here!

Photography By: Abbie Rose

Blue Jumpsuit: Blonde 

Sustainable Lifestyle


I stumbled across my latest inspiration while my family and I were vacationing on Salt Spring Island a few months ago. On one of my afternoon coffee runs, I happened to pop into a little store called Thrive Lifestyle. Within minutes of meeting Zoey (the store owner) I was so inspired by her story and her desire to create awareness around ethical and sustainable clothing production. I have always admired companies who are trying to support local production and taking a firm stand on only selling ethically produced clothing lines, but it also seemed so overwhelming to take such a large portion of our monthly clothing budget to support these brands. They can be expensive and I would find myself questioning the 1 shirt I was purchasing when I could purchase 10 for the same price from companies that are producing high volumes and not taking an ethical stand. Throughout my week on Salt Spring Island, I would pop into the store on a daily basis and chat with Zoey. As we got to know one another, she shared her passion for standing behind ethical and sustainable companies and how it’s the small changes we make in our day to day life that will change our perspective. Maybe it’s not in your budget to buy a closet full of ethically produced clothing or have your children clothed head to toe in the latest local company, but what if you started small? What if the next time you go to buy a baby gift, you buy one small locally sewn onesie instead of multiple pieces of clothing from a larger store.  Often times we think giving large or multiple gifts to ourselves or others is the way to go, but I can honestly say the pieces I love the most are the ones that have been made with care, tell a story, and were given with thoughtfulness.  This year has been about change in so many areas of my life including clothing. My closet is currently the smallest it has ever been, and I can honestly say the smaller it gets the more I fall in love with my pieces because I believe in the men and woman behind the labels. Is there a time and place for value shopping? Absolutely! We are huge fans of JoeFresh, Zara and H&M in this house. But we are also excited to see the local love grow in our wardrobes as our perspectives change and our relationships with our local market grow.  Zoey, you have forever changed the way I will view my purchases simply by your gentle approach and your passion to see the world’s perspective change.

My outfit Details:

Tank :  Zoe black dipper tank

Tote bag : Thrive lifestyle

Photography by the amazing Abbie Rose


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