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90 Day Challenge…..DAY 1




5 MONTHS AGO-Day #1 Clean Eating

On Sunday, Oranj Fitness, Vo2max and Myself launched the 90 day challenge. Our goal with this challenge is not only to inspire people to reach their goals but to support them along the way. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve performance or increase muscle mass this challenge is for you. I 100% believe that as a trainer my life should reflect what I preach to others….So

Today was the start of my 90 day fitness challenge! I’m three weeks away from my fitness shoot with Darren Hull, so it’s crunch time! No more wine nights with the ladies, or steeling French fries off Troy’s plate…It’s business time! Over the next three weeks I’m going to log my diet, workouts,measurement and body fat%.  Over the next 21 days (wow that seems like a long time without wine) my diet will be a bit cleaner then my normal routine and then continue on into my clean eating , performance diet. My personal goal with this challenge is to get into photo ready shape and increase my personal performance for my Tri-Fitness competition in May. I do want to add that I have been Clean eating and taking the Visalus protein for 5 months now. My total weight lost (It’s been 9 months since my little guy) Is 30 pounds (I will have inches tomorrow).

If you are interested in joining the 90 day challenge with me, E-mail me! Clean eating has changed my life and I’m determined to spread the good news!

I thought I would share my workout from today. McCarthy was having a off day so rather then drag him to the gym I busted some free weights out and got my sweat on.


First round-Each exercise 60 secs

Weighted squat (I used 2 15 pound dumbbells)

10 pushups 10 tuck jumps

 Back rows done in a plank position



Round 2:

Repeat  round #1


Round 3 

Weighted Lunges

Burpie Shoulder Press

Tricep Dips


Round 4

Repeat round #3

In and Outs (From plank position jump feet up towards shoulders, immediately pop back to plank and repeat)





  1. Jillian says:

    WOW wow WOW!!! I have got to ge myself on this clean eating!! You look absolutely amazing…i didn't know a tummy could have so many muscles!!! You are a true inspiration!! xx

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