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I was born and raised in the small town of Mesopotamia, Ohio. At a young age I started working on my family’s farm and raising cattle. I began to develop my interest in fitness early on by reading fitness magazines and creating my own training programs.  I dreamt of one day competing in an Iron Man Triathlon.

While growing up, I constantly struggled with insecurities about how my body looked, which eventually led to a very harmful eating disorder. I was scared of being fat, which led to poor decisions in my daily food intake. In the early stages of my marriage I started to put on a lot of weight even though I was working out 2-3 hours a day and severely limiting my calories. I finally sought out the guidance of a healthcare professional who diagnosed me with Hypo-Thyroidism and a heart murmur due to the stimulants I had been taking. I was told my metabolism was that of a 60 year old woman and that my weight would be a constant struggle.

That was the day my life changed forever! I decided to not except that for my life and take my health into my own hands. I dedicated my time and efforts to learning everything I could about my body, hormones and training. My metabolism is slowly getting corrected as I make healthy decisions in the food I eat while staying very active. I’ve gone on to complete my personal training certification, group fitness certification and recently became a student of the Alive School of Holistic Nutrition.

My passion and dedication to my work comes from a very personal place. I am determined to see woman freed from the lies and destructive lifestyles that are plaguing them. My goal is for women around the world to reach beyond what they thought they were capable of, live a healthy lifestyle and discover true happiness in their bodies.

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