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Abs Challenge Week #3



Week 3 of your ab challenge has arrived! This week is all about getting your game face on and eliminating the unnecessary. Our abs are amazing little muscles, not only do they help stabilize us throughout everyday movements, they are also very quick to disappear when we start slipping up in our eating habits. We often find ourselves grabbing the quick granola bar, eating our kids fish crackers or living off our caffeine high to get by. Although this may feed your craving in the moment, your body will make you pay if this becomes habit. So what are some simple ways you can improve your food intake so your hard work actually pays off? Start by focusing on the beginning and the end.

Eat a real breakfast.

Skip the quick sugary fix and go for something that will balance your hormones and fight off cravings.

One of my favourite breakfast options is this breakfast cookie:

1/2 cup gluten-free quick oats

1/2 scoop protein

1/2 banana

add about 1/2 cup egg whites for moisture

Bake 350 for 8-10 minutes. You can seal these and store for a couple of days to help you prep for the week.

Don’t avoid night-time snacking, revamp it!

Nothing is worse than laying in bed with an empty stomach or waking up at 3am feeling like your going to eat your arm. If getting through the night without snacks are overwhelming for you and your stomach, here are a few options and tips before you hit the hay.

  • Try to eat 2 hours before you head to bed to help the digestive system do its thing.
  • Go for protein and fats and avoid sugar. Sugar disrupts our sleep patterns and blood sugar levels, so unless you’re running a marathon in your bed…skip it!

My favourite before-bed snacks:

Option #1

1/2 cup almond milk

huge handful of greens

1 Scoop chocolate vegan protein

Blend and enjoy~*

Option #2

1/2 cup non-dairy plain yogurt

12 raw almonds

Berries can be added if you are craving something sweet. You can also add chocolate protein and kick those chocolate cravings.


This week’s workout.


Set your clock for 10 minutes and get as many rounds in as you can!

  • 45 seconds body jacks or leg jacks on the floor.
  • 45 seconds of in and outs with the legs. (Sit on floor, hands on the floor next to hips. Lift legs, straighten out in front of you and then bring knees towards body. Repeat movement for 45 seconds.)
  • 45 Burpees
  • 45 Russian twist with a weighted object (Weights, water bottle or a small child:)
  • 45 second mountain climbers
  • 45 second arm surrenders

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