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Add a little Martini to your yoga!

Who is Laura Martini?

Rockstar Yoga Instructor specializing in wine and yoga retreats, cross-training athletes, and sooper fun classes http://martiniyoga.ca


Today I got to sit down with one of my favourite yoga instructors “Laura Martini” of Martini yoga and give you guys a little insight to what yoga is all about, what to expect and who Laura is.

I have been going to Laura’s yoga classes for a couple years now and I can honestly say I’m challenged every class and I leave feeling so refreshed. I truly admire Laura not only for the integrity she brings into her class room, but also her drive to be an entrepreneur in her field , her openness and respect for other instructors.

I hope this video helps to answer some of your yoga questions and inspires you to get your mat out and try something new.

Thank you again to Laura Martini for taking the time for this Video.

Special thanks to Oranj Dance and Fitness for allowing us to tape in your studio.

If you are interested in trying out one of Laura’s classes please visit Oranj Dance and Fitness or contact Laura at Martiniyoga. You can also catch up with her on Twitter.






One of the things they always tell you in yoga is there is no judgment and to remember this is not a competition to see who the best yogi in the room is. And at the end of class to just allow yourself to be and realize that you have just achieved something great today.

I’m remembering these words as I upload this video….

My learnings…

1)Don’t shoot in the yoga room …All though you may think it’s going to look great remember the mirrors show what happens behind the camera.

2)Post yoga hair is not becoming on a lady…Laura your hair looks great:)

3)Remember to laugh because your learning and you have come so far already!



  1. Tasha says:

    Thanks for the Yoga with Laura.
    I was reminded that I havn't done any yoga in a long while, so I did some at home and I feel really great this morning.

  2. Awesome to see this, Laura! Thanks Rachel for putting this on your blog, and I can't wait to keep checking out your posts! And Laura, I cannot wait until I can take in one of your classes! So excited!

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