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Adding Fashion To Your Fitness w/Hemmfit



Tonight my husband asked me what my goals are over the next few months and years. My response: To be a better mother. In my 20’s I would have seen this as a lame answer, but it’s been on my heart for some time now. I want to show my daughter beauty through my personal freedom and teach my sons strength by saying no to the things that drain me…all the while focusing on the things that bring me life. One of the things that brings me life is dressing my body. There was a time that I would dread the idea of shopping for myself; my legs where not small enough for my liking and my small chest got swallowed by every shirt I put on.  Today I see the body as a piece of art. Now I’m not a painter, I don’t craft and I most certainly do not sew. But I do love art and the body is where I see this gift come alive in me. I love to teach people how dig deep for their strength, sculpt muscles they didn’t know existed or learn to love the shapes that are developing under the clothes they are wearing.  I do take great pride in the pieces I add to my closet because I see clothing as an expression of art. Whatever your style, colour pallet or design choice is, you can create it with clothing. It does not require the perfect shape, the cleanest canvas or the straitest lines. Fashion simply asks that you come as you are and explore.  I’m exploring…and currently my favourite avenue is “To&From”. My wardrobe needs to consist of pieces that will take me from the studio to school pick up, meetings or a lunch date. I recently teamed up with Hemmfit because I was obsessed with these Moto leggings and needed to get them on my body. These pants have taught spin, barre, bootcamp, as well as had date night with my husband and drinks with friends. They pair great with loafers, boots or your favourite pair of running shoes. And I love that they have edge! If you know me you know I love edgy pieces that I can throw a t-shirt and leather jacket on with.  Adding simple pieces that have so many options brings joy and simplicity into my day and I want you to enjoy this as well! So Hemmfit is going to give you 20% off any order you place from now until Monday, December 14 using the promo code DRF20!! There are tons of “To&From” options on their site and the quality is amazing! I’ll be adding pictures of the pieces I love to Instagram everyday to help you with outfit ideas…and drop some gift ideas by tagging your significant other 😉

Enjoy ~~*


Photography By: Rebecca Siewert

Leather Jacket: Zara

T-Shirt: Mulberry Press Co

Moto Leggings:Hemmfit

Sports Bra:Hemmfit








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