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Adelaide Turns 1



It has taken me months to finely get around to posting about Adelaide’s first birthday. Maybe I’m secretly hoping my lack of documenting certain moments will slow down her growth process…

Adelaide’s birthday will forever be a memory I hold close to my heart. Days before Adelaide’s birthday we had made our decision to move our little family to the lower mainland. Because our close friends and family would be arriving to celebrate Adelaide’s birthday with us, we decided to tell our family and close friends that weekend about the changes that were coming for us. I remember this day was filled with so many emotions. Our baby girl was turning one, life was changing, and we were not sure what was ahead of us in this next chapter…

As I prepared and planned for Adelaide’s birthday I decided to enlist the help of some ladies whom I knew would lighten my load. If you know me, you know that I love to host parties and make people feel welcomed in our home. Birthdays or any other celebrations are a time for friends, family, and all of your children to cut loose in our home! Because I had so many changes happening all at once, I knew I needed some help in pulling this party off.

Very early on, Adelaide had developed a love for animals of any shape or size. As a previous farm girl and hardcore 4-H member, my heart melted to think we shared this deep love for little creatures. So it only made sense to throw a country-themed birthday complete with mini animals. Now before you decide that inviting a farm to our house means I must have lost my mind, let me remind you that above I mentioned enlisting some “talented ladies” to help me pull this day off.

After booking a few “small animals” from Kelowna’s local Little Rascals petting zoo, I immediately asked my friend Stephanie, from Heather and Gem, for help with pulling off the decor for this event. Stephanie was such a huge help in coming up with little ways to add special touches and details to this day, and I could not have pulled it off without her.

My friend Sarah, from Pinch of Pretty, was also was one my main go-to people for the added details. Sarah provided us with the most amazing signage to pull this country-themed birthday together and also added special pieces we could have as forever keepsakes.

I know it has taken me months to put these photos up, but this day still is so fresh in my heart. Thank you the amazing sponsors who worked so hard to make this day special and to the friends and family who shared in celebration laughter and tears.




Enjoy the large amounts of photos haha! I couldn’t help myself….


You’re the light of my life.


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Photography By: Rebecca Siewert

Editing By: Abbie Rose

Adelaides Outfit: Nooks

Decor: Heather&Gem

Signage: Pinch of pretty



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