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The Black Tee

 Black Tee – Ginger Lily / Belly Status – 6 months 3 weeks

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been asked where I buy my pregnancy clothes, what products I’m currently loving, and other random things about my life. So I thought I would turn Sundays into my “Lifestyle” post day and share a little bit about myself, my family and the current happenings of our life. Hope you enjoy~~*

This week’s post is dedicated to the Black T-Shirt. During my pregnancies, I actually don’t buy “maternity specific” clothing. I honestly prefer taking the fashion pieces I love and re-working them for my growing body. In a body that is ever-changing over the 9 months, it helps me stay positive knowing there are pieces I love sitting in my closet waiting for me to accessorize them with a belly. One of my current favourites is this black T-shirt from Ginger Lily. The moment I saw this piece I knew I had to have it! It has the perfect boyfriend fit with soft fabric that lies on my body without revealing any unwanted lumps or bumps. It’s the perfect shirt to help put those non-pregnancy items into play and expand your closet.

The little black Tee revamped. 

Maxi Dress-Worn as skirt-American Apparel


White Dress-Forever-21



Jet Setter Crops-Lululemon

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