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Sustainable Lifestyle


I stumbled across my latest inspiration while my family and I were vacationing on Salt Spring Island a few months ago. On one of my afternoon coffee runs, I happened to pop into a little store called Thrive Lifestyle. Within minutes of meeting Zoey (the store owner) I was so inspired by her story and her desire to create awareness around ethical and sustainable clothing production. I have always admired companies who are trying to support local production and taking a firm stand on only selling ethically produced clothing lines, but it also seemed so overwhelming to take such a large portion of our monthly clothing budget to support these brands. They can be expensive and I would find myself questioning the 1 shirt I was purchasing when I could purchase 10 for the same price from companies that are producing high volumes and not taking an ethical stand. Throughout my week on Salt Spring Island, I would pop into the store on a daily basis and chat with Zoey. As we got to know one another, she shared her passion for standing behind ethical and sustainable companies and how it’s the small changes we make in our day to day life that will change our perspective. Maybe it’s not in your budget to buy a closet full of ethically produced clothing or have your children clothed head to toe in the latest local company, but what if you started small? What if the next time you go to buy a baby gift, you buy one small locally sewn onesie instead of multiple pieces of clothing from a larger store.  Often times we think giving large or multiple gifts to ourselves or others is the way to go, but I can honestly say the pieces I love the most are the ones that have been made with care, tell a story, and were given with thoughtfulness.  This year has been about change in so many areas of my life including clothing. My closet is currently the smallest it has ever been, and I can honestly say the smaller it gets the more I fall in love with my pieces because I believe in the men and woman behind the labels. Is there a time and place for value shopping? Absolutely! We are huge fans of JoeFresh, Zara and H&M in this house. But we are also excited to see the local love grow in our wardrobes as our perspectives change and our relationships with our local market grow.  Zoey, you have forever changed the way I will view my purchases simply by your gentle approach and your passion to see the world’s perspective change.

My outfit Details:

Tank :  Zoe black dipper tank

Tote bag : Thrive lifestyle

Photography by the amazing Abbie Rose


edit-0350 edit-0368 edit-0360 edit-0387 edit-0372




Sweat Style: Black on Black


I want to wear something other than gym cloths! I teach, I workout and I’m constantly looking for the quickest thing to throw on as I run out the door. It’s challenging to have ANY sense of style, and so easy to revert into “mom-clothes”. This Fall my goal was to find the perfect to and from the gym pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. This amazing, comfortable black tee was actually a gift I bought for my husband from Urban Outfitters. I love it because it’s extra long, comfortable to slip over my gym top and the perfect accessory to throw on with my leather jacket and comfy mom shoes. I used to think I needed to add colour to my closet to feel like I was keeping up with fashion…Here’s to being 30, comfortable in my own skin ( even if it’s sweaty,) and loving the fact that my fancy water bottle is my only pop of colour.

Photography: Rebecca Siewert 

Jacket: Zara

Black Tee: Urban Outfitters

Leggings: lululemon

Sneakers: Vans

Backpack/Diaper Bag: Lily Jade

Water Bottle: Swell

Workout Top : lululemon








You Are Loved Like Crazy….Giveaway!!!!

FullSizeRender-19 Why did you start and what is your purpose?

I need to constantly remind myself of the answer to those two questions as both life and priorities change. Over the last year I’ve realized that trying to grow an online business is no joke! Along the way, I’ve often times let my focus and true reason for starting this website become blurred with the daily demands. At the end of this life, when all is said and done, the numbers don’t matter…the people do. This why I started blogging, teaching, and allowing the world of social media access into my life. It was to connect with real women who have real struggles similar to me, and provide simple tools that have helped me along my journey. Doing life in our female bodies can be tough, which is why I am working hard to grow this network of amazing women who read this blog and have memberships to Daily Routine Fitness. Each one of you has the potential to change the lives around you, so I encourage all of you to take every opportunity, every season, every blessing and use it to its fullest potential.

I have been so blessed over the past year by the companies that have come alongside Daily Routine Fitness to support our growth and vision. There is not one investment that has been made in me personally, or this company, that I take for granted. Thank you for standing behind us, beside us and praying for us while we made mistakes and tasted moments of success. You have helped make my dreams come true, and we want to pass the blessings along!


Over the next few months, as my little family preps for Baby Doell #3, we want to give back to you! As I start to set up our nursery again and fill it with all the necessities, we will be sending out random gifts to moms who you nominate. What??!!! Here is how it’s going to work…


How it works…

Who has made an impact in your life and inspired you as a mom? Who would you like to see blessed with a random gift?

Send us your nomination along with a short paragraph explaining why they are so important in your life. Along with the write-up, please include the nominee’s full name and mailing address.

We will be picking winners throughout the month of April!


During this giveaway, we will be showcasing some of the amazing companies that have come alongside Daily Routine Fitness to support us, many from back in the early days.

If you own a company and would like to use this opportunity to bless someone and be featured on the blog, PLEASE CONTACT US! We would love to get you involved and get your products into the hands of some amazing moms.

Please share this post on your social media so we can bless as many moms as possible!

Nominations can be sent to Info@Dailyroutinefitness.com


The Black Tee

 Black Tee – Ginger Lily / Belly Status – 6 months 3 weeks

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been asked where I buy my pregnancy clothes, what products I’m currently loving, and other random things about my life. So I thought I would turn Sundays into my “Lifestyle” post day and share a little bit about myself, my family and the current happenings of our life. Hope you enjoy~~*

This week’s post is dedicated to the Black T-Shirt. During my pregnancies, I actually don’t buy “maternity specific” clothing. I honestly prefer taking the fashion pieces I love and re-working them for my growing body. In a body that is ever-changing over the 9 months, it helps me stay positive knowing there are pieces I love sitting in my closet waiting for me to accessorize them with a belly. One of my current favourites is this black T-shirt from Ginger Lily. The moment I saw this piece I knew I had to have it! It has the perfect boyfriend fit with soft fabric that lies on my body without revealing any unwanted lumps or bumps. It’s the perfect shirt to help put those non-pregnancy items into play and expand your closet.

The little black Tee revamped. 

Maxi Dress-Worn as skirt-American Apparel


White Dress-Forever-21



Jet Setter Crops-Lululemon

Delicious Apple Pies

Apple Pie

Fall weekends are meant for delicious food and comfy but fashionable outfit choices. These apple pies are the perfect treat for your weekend guests. Pair them with some coconut ice cream, and caramel sauce for a delicious and easy dessert .



Remove insides of apple,dice up into little cubes and place in a medium bowl. Add all remaining ingredients to bowl and mix throughly. Place mixture back in apples and bake at 350 degrees till apples are soft. Serve with caramel sauce and coconut ice cream.

1 cup canned coconut milk
3 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
A pinch of salt
  1. Place all of your ingredients into a medium to large non-stick saucepan over amedium-high heat.
  2. Stir to combine all ingredients and bring caramel to the boil.
  3. Keep cooking your caramel until it thickens and darkens (see image below), stirring occasionally.
  4. Once your caramel has thickened, remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly before serving or storing in a clean container or jar.
Keeping dinner comfy but fashionable in my full body romper.
Full Romper
Ethics Statement: Nature’s Fare Markets is a sponsor of Daily Routine Fitness and we do purchase or receive most of the ingredients for our recipes from them. However, It is still our choice which ingredients we choose to use and why. We would never compromise our quality or integrity to satisfy a sponsor! However, it just so happens that Nature’s Fare Markets is a great place to buy healthy food!  To learn more about, please visit their website –   http://www.naturesfare.com/

WE’RE LIVE! dailyroutinefitness.com

Daily Routine Fitness Members Pricing PlansAs I sit here today I am overwhelmed with joy, and yet humbled at the same time, by this opportunity to share my passion for health and fitness in this new arena. This dream has been in my heart for many years, and this past summer, all the pieces started coming together. The decision to take this project on has brought about many learnings, challenges and more work then I could have ever imagined! Today, as we launch this new website, I am reminded of the life-altering decision each one of us has to make regarding what we do with our bodies and what we put in our bodies.

It’s a DAILY choice you have to make. It’s a healthy ROUTINE that needs to become a priority. It’s FITNESS like you’ve never experienced it before.

Welcome to Daily Routine Fitness.


Family photos


Photos: by Clayton Arnall 

Throughout the process of planning family photos, I mulled over many ideas… Fall theme, Christmas theme, street style, gangster style, in a field looking peaceful and free…I’m pretty confidant in saying, I had thought through every possibility.Then I decided, I just wanted us.  There is something so beautiful about a photo that captures a true smile, a real laugh or the true innocence of a child.  I decided to share a few of my favourite shots tonight, some are staged and some are not.

Thank you Clayton Arnall for capturing these moments .



Fashion Friday!




Every month we have a budget set aside to pick up things our little men may need. This month it was all about the beginnings of every little mans must haves for fall! Thursday, we cruised around Kelowna and visited some of our favourite spots to shop. Join us every Friday as we shop, diy, and thrift our way into fall!





 What Bennett wore-Bib-gifted-Printed Onsie-Joefresh

What McCarthy wore-V-neckAmerican apparel-Toque-American apparel



What Bennett wore-Leggings-Joefresh girls-Baby moccasins-Gifted

What McCarthy wore-Leggings-Joefresh girls-High tops-Supra One Boardshop 






 One of my favourite places to shop for our boys is One Boardshop. They offer 30% off all your kids purchases! These Supra high tops stole my heart at first glance!  















Farmer’s Market Fresh


What I wore-lululmon Ruffled Wunder Underslululemon Vinyasa Scarflululemon Seemless ebb street tank


This week has been a buzz of activity. I’m officially in my second week of studying for my nutritional science degree, Dailyroutineblog brought a new sponsor on board ( announcement tomorrow) , I’m 11 weeks away from my November photo shoot and oh yeah we put our house up for sale! Which meant open house all weekend! My body and my mind has been a consistent buzz of excitement and craziness with very few moments of down time (let alone blogging.) One thing I am learning is when life gets crazy, all the more reason to get your priorities straight and take some time away for yourself. This weekend (aside from the insane cleaning) was one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time.  I was able to step away from the busyness of life and enjoy a morning at the Farmers Market with Kylea from Lululemon.  I love these lifestyle photos and the moments Kylea captures. Thank you lululemon for spending the morning with the boys and I! We has a blast playing dress up and stocking up on local treats.



















Fashion Friday



Happy Fashion Friday!

I hope you are enjoying the season of festivals and fashion as much as I am. If your looking for inspiration for your next festival look, head over to Designs and Dust and be inspired. My friend Alanna, recently gifted me with one of their beautiful capes and I was hooked. My summer will now be filled with Tye Dye dresses and a beautiful mixture of capes.

Have a wonderful weekend!


 Keloha 2013,

A weekendof fun, fashion, friends and dancing till your legs are sore!


Designs By Dust




In Love







The Perfect Finisher  

 Free People