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A Fresh Look For Dailyroutinefitness


Just over two years ago I launched Dailyroutinefitness.com. With the support and love of our readers and clients, I have grown not only as a businesswoman but also as a mother, wife, and writer. Your stories and feedback have inspired me to immerse myself in things that really drive my passions and hold on tightly to the integrity of the “why” behind my work.

I initially launched DRF as a fitness company to showcase workouts and food choices that were part of my life. I quickly realized, however, that I was holding back from sharing with my readers a big part of my passion—lifestyle. I wanted to share more of this with you, my readers, because I felt like it would give you a more realistic view of what life really looks like for us and it would show you that we experience successes and failures as parents, friends, and business owners, just like you. The heart of my business as a personal trainer and coach is encouraging woman to press into discomfort and really dig into what’s holding them back from reaching their fullest potential, as well as offering them support to set and achieve their goals. My hope as a lifestyle blogger is that woman and mothers find in my posts encouragement, inspiration, and an authentic touch that will help them feel more fulfilled. The time has now come, however, for me to make some more changes and really use my gifts and passions to connect with you, my readers, in a greater capacity.



As the website has grown, we have had the amazing opportunity to share and partner with companies that we really believe in and feel would add to your lifestyles. Because of the amazing support of our members and sponsors over the past two years, we have decided to change DRF from a membership site to open access.

What does this mean?

Until today, my workout videos, blog tips, workout plans and sample meal plans have only been available to our paying members.

But as of today, all private content at dailyroutinefitness.com will be available to the public for FREE! I’m so excited about this because it will open up more opportunities to share helpful content with you on a weekly basis.

I will also be adding our videos to YouTube as well in order to give you easy access and sharing options.



Can you share workouts with friends?

Yes! And I would love for you to be part of helping the community of DRF to grow. The more we grow as a company, the greater resources and variety we can bring to our site and make available to you our readers.

How to share?

Simple click on the URL code at the top of your screen and copy and paste the links from my page that you would like to share. Everything from workouts to recipes to blog posts.

I would also love for you to share your own workouts, thoughts, and inspiration on social media and tag #Dailyroutinefitness. I love hearing your stories and connecting with you!


I want to say a special thank you again to all the people who believed in, supported, and offered mentorship to me as I stepped into the unknown world of building a website, taking on Instagram, and becoming a blogger.

Thank you to Megan White for the hard work and flexibility she has put into helping me rebrand and rework DRF. You have been such a pleasure to work with, Meg!

Thank you, too, to Abbie Rose, our amazing photographer, for capturing the most beautiful moments of our family’s life through her lens. Abbie, your images inspire so much of my work as a writer. The authenticity of the moments and emotion that you capture is such a gift. Thank you for being a part of the DRF team.

To our members:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to invade your life through my personal posts and become a part of your daily sweat sessions one workout video at a time. Your support and dedicated feedback during my growing pains have made me who I am today.

I’m excited to continue to grow with you…




Living Room Workout Session

Baby Yoga


Sometimes the best thing we can do for our workout routine is take away all the fuss and get back to the basics.

This body weight workout will keep your heart rate rising and add that perfect element of strength to sustain you through the demands of your day.


Perform each movement for 60-90 seconds.

Repeat circuit 3-4x with little to no rest

  • Squat
  • Tricep Dips
  • Scissors
  • Jump Squat
  • Plank
  • Push Up
  • Jump Squat
  • Toe Touches

Photography By: Abbie Rose

My outfit:

Styled by: RYU Apparel & People Foot Wear

Bennett & Adelaide:

Styled by:

Birch Hill Studio






Tricep Dips





Jump Squat




Push Up


Toe Touches

Warning Signs


Today’s post has taken me a while to write because it is very personal and concerns a journey I am on. My hope is that my sharing moments of vulnerability like this will encourage someone who comes across my story, let her know that she’s not alone, and give her the courage to try something new. I will be sharing as much as possible throughout every stage of this journey.

Please note that I am under the care of a food specialist, naturopath, and doctor as I walk this journey through.

When I look back over this past year, I remember so many moments when I knew there was something off with my body, but I couldn’t put my finger on it actually was. I battled many different symptoms, but life and hormones can be confusing after having a baby, so it was difficult for doctors or naturopaths to really nail down what was going on with my body. “Ride it out” was a common thread in the advice I received.


Five months ago, I was tested for ovarian cancer due to hot flashes, weight loss, increased heart rate, and stomach pain. Everything came back clear, and the doctors said the problem was probably my thyroid.

I tried a plant-based regimen to help with the stomach problems, and it did work! But I didn’t know how to make it work for my body with the physical demand of training, so I ended up going back to eating small amounts of meat and trying to incorporate more juice and vegetables into our life. And the stomach pain came back.

Seven weeks ago, I randomly passed a large amount of blood through my rectum after using the washroom. I was emotional after seeing the amount and immediately called Troy and work to say I needed to go to the doctor. My doctor was out of the office that day, but the wonderful nurses could sense the emotion in my voice and squeezed me in that day with another that doctor, who happened to be one of the moms from my oldest son’s school. After an examination, she said it was probably nothing but would send me in for a scope just to make sure.

The prep for the scope was not something I ever wanted to go through again, so I was praying that everything would come back all clear! I feel so blessed to have been seen by some of the nicest doctors, who were kind and patient when I felt so emotional. The doctor who did my scope, who was so amazing on every level, ended my appointment by being very honest and letting me know that they had found a larger-sized polyp that she was concerned about. She said that in her experience a polyp of this size indicated cancer and that she was rushing the results so they could take action quickly. She also told me to go back and thank the doctor who had taken more precautions and sent me in for this test. “We rarely see woman your age or in your physical category,” she told me, “because people dismiss the symptoms.” I’m young, I’m a fitness instructor, and I eat very well. Why would anyone worry about my health?! Including me.

The test was done on Tuesday, and by Friday we had results saying there were no signs of cancer but that I needed to go in for a colonoscopy to really check things out. Well, we cried, celebrated, and thanked Jesus for the most amazing results! I don’t ever want to forget the relief I experienced that day, not only because it had felt like we were walking through a bad dream as we’d waited and walked through the previous two weeks, but because I had seen Jesus show up in so many ways as we’d waited, prayed for peace, wisdom and the joy to get through each day, and spent that time with three demanding children who know when Mommy is off.

After the celebrations, we prepared our hearts and my body for a colonoscopy. I will not lie: this was also among most non-fun things I have ever done. I don’t enjoy any type of cleansing, so having my body totally stripped of everything for weeks as they did these tests started to wear on me. But we got through it.

They removed the larger polyp, which ended up having been two that had grown together, and now we would have to wait for the results. I felt like we were in the clear, given that previous report had indicated no signs of cancer, but I decided to start doing my own research on why the body was growing polyps.


This past year, I had taken a course with Dana Skoglund called Align and Thrive because I knew there was something going on with my body. I felt like this was the perfect way to dig into some of my symptoms and figure out what I could do on a daily basis to change my habits and lifestyle in an achievable and maintainable way. Doing things like tongue scraping, dry brushing, warm oil massages, and eating foods that really fueled and supported proper gut function became daily activities for me. I’ll be discussing each one of these habits into detail throughout this process, but one of the major takeaways for me was learning to really listen to my body—to not sweep things under the rug and to pay attention to things as little as tongue scraping, which can tell you about where your body is at. I ended that course right before this journey began, and I’m so thankful I took it because I finished it feeling that I was ready to really dig in and get serious about supporting my body and not just putting Band-aids on things.

I contacted Jacqui Perry from FoodWorks and immediately started my journey on heeling my gut and changing my life before I even know what the results were from my colonoscopy. We had known for a long time that there was a problem with my gut due to my hypothyroid condition, which was diagnosed nine years ago. If you know anything about the health of the thyroid, then you also know that it is directly connected to the gut. But the information surrounding healing the gut can be controversial and confusing. Jacqui had been recommended to me many times over the years by naturopaths, people in the health field, and friends who had taken her courses. She is pretty much the master of fermented foods and plant-based diets, and she really digs into every avenue of why your body is struggling to work at its fullest potential. During the two weeks of waiting for my results, I began a journey of going totally plant-based, incorporating lots of fermented foods and anti-inflammatory drinks into my diet to help my body heal. Regardless of the test results, I was going to change my life and dive into fully healing my body.

One week ago, we received the test results and learned that my polyp was precancerous. I will have to go through routine colonoscopies every couple of years to make sure that I don’t end up with full-blown colon cancer. My doctor was very serious and was not really interested in the lifestyle changes I was choosing to make. I’m not mentioning this to make her sound like a bad doctor—I do actually love my doctor! But she really felt that my personal work would not do much for my body in this situation and that I would end up having cancer if I ignored her advice.

Although I respect my doctor, I do disagree. Study after study, not just in “natural medicine” but also in cutting-edge cancer clinics, prove that food plays a major part in our healing process. Why would we wait to take action, not change our habits, and hope for the best? Our bodies were created to heal, but how can a body heal without the fuel and support to do so? Do I believe in miracles? Yes, but I also believe in wisdom and making smart decisions when you’re given warning signs. This is my warning sign—and to be honest there were tons, also, before those results came in!

So as I begin this journey, I invite you to walk with me. I know some of my readers may chose the unfollow button based on my decision to go plant-based, choose alternative medicine, or believe in a God who I know is walking this journey with me through the good and the bad days. And I want you to know that is okay. We are not meant to be a part of everyone’s journey or see things the way others see them.

If you do chose to follow along, know that I will be as honest and personal as I feel comfortable doing. This is all new for me, so I will make mistakes. I’m sure I will accidently eat something I shouldn’t, and I’m okay with that. It’s part of the journey, and that’s just what it is—a “journey.” It won’ t be perfect today or tomorrow, but I’m eager and willing to learn along the way.


This has honestly been one of the craziest and scariest things I have ever gone through. I have three beautiful children, and even the thought of not seeing them grow into the amazing humans they will be is enough to take a mother’s breath away. I’m their protector, cheerleader, and the one who holds them when they are hurting. We cannot do life apart! I’m so thankful for an amazing husband who has walked these days out with me and allowed me to feel scared, cry, and be vulnerable in every way. I would love to tell you I have gone through every part of this journey so far with faith that everything will be okay, but the reality is that I’m human and I’m also a mother is fiercely loves her tribe. If that is not motivation enough to change your habits, I don’t know what is!

I’m also beyond thankful for the friends and family who have walked out these days of uncertainty with us. You are loved beyond words, and you can’t place a price on friendships like yours. We will forever hold you close.

I saw this quote recently and felt it was perfect for this post.

 “Sometimes what appears like an obstacle in your path is really a gift meant to move you in a better direction.”

Author unknown

Thank you for your support~~*




Photography By: Abbie Roseedit-0116


Mom Body


I’m extremely grateful that the high-waisted yoga pant thing became a trend after baby number three! I remember looking at my belly months after Adelaide and thinking, “Will things ever look normal again?” There were a few factors standing in the way of this:

Stretched skin

Belly button hernia

Ab separation


Photography by: Abbie Rose

Mom and Baby yoga pants by: Hot Dame & Gypsy Skulls 


To be honest, I definitely did not feel as inspired to move my butt post baby three as I had before. I was suddenly so busy chasing these three little ones that the idea of setting aside time seemed overwhelming on most days. (That sentence in itself is a huge other blog post…) But for today I’m going to keep things light and simple and talk about a few things that really inspired me to move the body, get my abs back, and feel comfortable in my own skin again.


  • Play

This is a word that, once again, requires a blog post, but we will just lightly touch on it today. I think that for some of us this word is so huge, and we don’t even know what to do with it. Maybe you grew up in a home where play was not celebrated, or maybe as an adult you have set up so much structure in your life that you have forgotten the love and inspiration behind this word.

Regardless of your reason or history, play may be one of the most important investments you make in your life. Play is the source of our creativity, our personal outlet where we find joy and allow ourselves to truly let go. Letting go of all the standards, expectations, and rules around movement is one of the best ways to get your body moving post baby. Often, if an activity isn’t associated with going to a gym or studio or doesn’t have the word “workout” attached to it, we write it off as being ineffective in our journey back to the post-baby jeans. In reality, however, when we allow ourselves to feel and experience the joy and pleasure of play, we are happier and more effective moms/wives and individuals. When we operate in this emotional space instead of in the space of rules, we make decisions that fuel our body in a healthier or more productive way. We start to view what we put into our bodies as fuel instead of using food as a coping mechanism, we chose healthier environments and relationships, and we learn to be careful about the language we use about ourselves. Play is currently a journey I’m on (future blog post) but the one thing I have realized so far in this journey is that as I have learned to laugh I have also learned to love the skin I’m in. This body can do some pretty cool things—I now have a much deeper respect for it and take far deeper joy in it. In short, I like myself more.


  • Invest in new mom clothes.

I love fashion. I love the freedom it gives us to express ourselves and make the body an individual canvas, so for me finding time and space for shopping post baby is very important. I have become very choosy over the years about where and in who I invest my money in terms of fashion, so this has slowed my spending down a lot! But dressing my post-baby body in clothes that fit, flatter my new frame, and allow for effortless mom movement changes everything about my day. For me, self-love is about celebrating everything I have become along this journey of motherhood. When we celebrate the new skin we are in and shift our focus from what we are not to a stance of gratitude, it changes everything about our journey. Do I need clothes or material things to feel good about myself? No I don’t, but I also know that if I take a small portion of funds to invest in celebrating what my body has become instead of what it’s not, I will feel more confident in facing my workouts, mom dates, play dates, and meetings because I feel good about the investment I have made in myself.

I love that fitness wear is one of the most popular looks in fashion right now. Throwing on a good-fitting t-shirt with some yoga pants and a great pair of New Balance is my jam! Looking stylish while mommying it hard truly brightens up my day and helps this mom feel like she hasn’t completely lost it. I also feel better hitting the gym knowing I don’t look like I got hit by a train. (Okay, maybe I still look like that more moments then not!) But whatever!

Here’s the bottom line: When we feel good and celebrate what we are, we’re more open to saying yes to getting back to our gym workouts, time with friends, and moments that help us cope with mom life. Is a good outfit really that powerful? For me it is, and I want to celebrate every stage of the skin I’m in instead of waiting until I’m the perfect size, have the perfect belly, or have the perfect butt to I enjoy this canvas.


  • Suck it up.

I’m going to give it to you tough here. Life is not easy, things are not always fun, and sometimes getting to where you are going requires some sweat. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about your workout habits. I’ve heard tons of people say, “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it!” Although I believe in having fun and that your workouts ideally should be fun, the reality is that sometimes they are just regular workouts and you need to be okay with that and stop whining. Working through your weakness requires you to step outside of your comfort zone—working through moments that lack of excitement and embracing some sweat. I promise that you can handle 10 minutes of discomfort, and that’s all I’m asking of you, but for those 10 minutes you must choose what is going to challenge you the most. What’s going to leave your breathless, sweaty, and feeling great once it’s done? Because this isn’t just about burning calories! This is about proving to yourself that you can do it, that you are strong enough, and that no matter how hard things get, you can work through discomfort. As North Americans, we tend to run away from any type of discomfort, when in many cases it should be what we are running to. We are not meant to be soft, uninspired woman who quit easily. We are moms/wives and friends who daily face crazy struggles, so your workout is just training ground for what you emotionally and physically face on a daily basis. When things get tough, your brain and body are going to remind you that you don’t quit and you’re not easily distracted from achieving your goals. Girlfriend, pick up the sweat towel, fill your water bottle, and sweat! You are working towards way more than that perfect body!

Plus, the good news is that as you sweat, groan, and face those workout demons, you are also one step closer to your physical goal (whatever that may be).

What’s my workout goal, and why do I keep moving through the discomfort?


I want my children to see that I worked hard and didn’t give up when it got tough.

I want to be the mom who can support my kids when they need a workout partner when they are training for their own goals.

I want to finally take backpacking trips around the world when we are empty nesters and know my body is up for it.

I want my body to feel good when I stand naked in front of the mirror, not because it’s perfect but because I take the time to take care of what I have been given.

The First Year and How It Changed Everything


When I scheduled this shoot, I thought I would publish it moments after receiving the photos. Fast-forward nine months later, and I’m just making the move to write this post and share these photos. I think a huge part of me believed that keeping these images to myself would slow down the days, weeks, and moments. Today we are celebrating Adelaide officially turning one, and I cannot express the joy my heart has held over this past year.


The moment Adelaide came into our world, my soul and everything I knew about being a woman changed. I clearly saw who I now wanted to be and what I wanted to let go of. The way I looked at my body, my worth, and who I was as a woman would someday be reflected in her eyes, and I knew the moment I looked at her that I was ready to let go of who I had thought I was.


After having my boys, I’d been so desperate to get my body back and feel normal. Now, looking back, I realize that my desperation to be fit and lean and to appear to be the perfect mom was my coping mechanism for feeling out of control as a new mom. Instead of allowing myself to experience these emotions and really digging into who and what I wanted to be, I suppressed the emotions with goals, organized food, and achieving perfection in the mirror. Is there anything wrong with being in shape, wanting to be fit, or having health goals? No! It’s what I do for a living. I believe in it, but I also believe in achieving health from the inside out. If we cannot do this and allow our emotions to emerge, deal with our insecurities, and let go of negative self-talk, we risk having our workouts, food choices, and health focus become Band-Aids for what’s really going on inside.


I remember walking onto the beach in a bikini five days after having had Adelaide and holding my head high—not because of what I looked like but because I already knew who I was becoming. I spent this past year slowly moving back into fitness and making health decisions that would create lasting results instead of quick fixes. The drive and determination to be fit has never left my body, mind, or soul, but the direction in which I place my energy has. Have I looked at myself in the mirror this year and wished I had gotten fitter and thinner faster? I would be lying if I said no. But I’ve also learned to look in the mirror and remind myself of the countless hours I have spent juggling babies while working out. I have learned to take pride in my own character development as I choose to celebrate a friend’s victory with wine without counting the calories in my glass and as I say yes to events even though I know I might look softer in my photos than before.


Part of our preparation for Adelaide’s arrival was creating this nursery together as a family. Today I wanted to share these photos and the love behind the hours of work we put into this room, instead of just showing the typical before-and-after physical journey. This past year has been so much more than what you see on the outside. It has taken endless hours of labor to work on what has been happening on the inside, too.


Dear Adelaide,

There are no words for the honor I feel at being chosen as the one you call Mommy.

You came into our world in a complicated and physically demanding journey! Yet you have brought us nothing but joy and peace over this year…. Okay, maybe I’m exhausted from waking up with you, but that’s a whole other blog post!

I love you, little chicken! I can’t wait to see you dream big dreams and dance with freedom and conviction as you greet life’s journey.

All my love


Photography: Rebecca Siewert

Crib: Westcoastkids

Mobile: Nicole Young

Baby TeePee: Aggie And Francois

Bird Cage Light: Olive and Elle



nursery4 nursery nursery2 nursery16 nursery8 nursery17 nursery3 nursery13 nursery14 nursery1

What Moves You?


What moves you?

Many of you have your goals and what drives you to get your butt out of bed at the butt crack of dawn. For me, many days it’s seeing the drive and passion of my oldest McCarthy. This little man wants so badly to be a runner and master the art of a quick and powerful stride. I find it so fascinating that at this young age he already is committed to the work, the process, and not giving up because Lewis beats him every week at sprints on the playground (Lewis is one of his favourite pre-school buddies.) One of the best things about his goal to become the worlds fastest runner, is the moments we share together. I will admit there are moments when I want to tell him Mommy just needs time in the gym (garage) alone to pound it out and make peace with her mom stress. But I never regret the early mornings we share together sweating it out, talking out pre-school life situations and learning new things about each other. He may forget the first morning we did sprints across the parking lot together, but I won’t! I will always remember that morning I wanted to give up so badly. I wanted to cut the workout short, go make coffee and applaud myself for completing the 20 minutes of weight training in the garage that morning. McCarthy, kept asking me over and over again to please work on sprints ! He promised it would be fun and he would give me a head start;) That morning we completed 20 minutes of sprints in between laughing and teasing one another along the way. I will forever hold that morning close to my heart. He ignored my sweat, my tired eyes, my bad attitude and just believed I could achieve a little more in my workout.  I believe 100% in the power of personal training and coaches! But I also believe sometimes the greatest coaching comes in the simplest form. Maybe they talk to much, or ask us too many questions, but what happens in those moments of working through the emotion, pushing past the barriers and seeing someone truly believe in the power of who we are is a feeling no one can duplicate.  One day I hope to be as powerful of a coach as the 5 year old I share the gym with. I will teach people to walk through their physical puddles and smile with genuine joy on the other side.

McCarthy, you are Mommy’s greatest inspiration!


Photography By: Abbie Rose 

edit-0257 Our current circuit:

15 reps each exercise:

20 minutes non stop (He takes breaks whenever he wants:)

90 seconds of sprints after each completion of circuit.

  • Lateral shoulder raise
  • Bicep curl
  • Push-Ups
  • Back-Row


 Lateral Shoulder Raise:


 Bicep Curls:

edit-0246 Squats:

edit-0260 Push-Ups:

edit-0251-2 Back-Row:


Strawberry Watermelon Summer Salad

Lighter, earlier and seasonal. This is our current goal. I recently started taking a course called “Align and Thrive,” which my good friend Dana leads.  The goal with this course is to gently re-train your body to break old habits and re-create healthier ones that actually stick! Dana has a much lovelier way of describing the course..Sorry Dana!  I’m currently in week #5 and it’s working. Once again, I was trying to think of a much cooler way of telling you it’s working, but it’s just as simple as that..It’s working! Every week we are given something simple and attainable to work on, that in turn helps us start to realize what things we may be practicing or holding unto in our life that really aren’t the best for our health.  If you want to sleep, eat, and feel better this is most definitely the course for you. One of the first habits we worked on was eating a lighter dinner. The science behind a lighter dinner is that it gives our digestive system a chance to take a break and we sleep better because our bodies are not working as hard during the night to process those big dinners.  When I heard this habit come up in the first session, I immediately went into all the excuses why it wasn’t the habit for me. I’m breastfeeding. I train late. I believe snacking is good..blah,blah,blah you get the point. But I had decided before I signed up for the course that I would stay committed for the 9 weeks. I would follow the habits even for just 1 day and see if I saw a difference . I instantly saw a difference with my sleep! Previously, I was having restless sleeps and waking up feeling over tired, foggy and pretty overwhelmed. Within the first couple days of switching my dinner to a 6:30p.m finish and not eating until breakfast, I saw a huge change in my sleep. My sleeps were deep, restful and I woke up feeling positive about the day I was about to take on. I was hooked. Troy saw such a huge change in my energy that he actually got right on board and has been following this habit with me for 4 weeks now. We do break it here and there based on situations that come up in life, but I can honestly tell you that it has been such a huge shift for both of our bodies that we actually try to avoid it as much as possible.  Our lunches are the heavier meal of the day and we have switched our dinner to light and fresh.  Things like delicious salads, soups and small amounts of protein are now what you will see on our dinner table.

Photography By : Abbie Rose

edit-0088This delicious salad is a recent creation that we are just loving! It’s fresh and the perfect blending of flavours.

Strawberry Watermelon Salad

edit-0045-2 edit-0044 edit-0053 edit-0067 edit-0070 edit-0074

  • 1 cups watermelon
  • 2 cups strawberries
  • 6 basil leaves, chopped
  • 1/2 cup Jersey land raw feta cheese
  • Fresh black pepper to taste
  • edit-0081Dressing:
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup balsamic
  • 1 tbsp coconut sugar
  • Directions:

Combine your cubed watermelon and strawberries in a medium size bowl. Add your chopped basil leaves and raw feta. Grind fresh black pepper to taste and serve cold.




Breastfeeding And Doing You


two days this little lady of mine turns eleven months! Together, we have battled workouts, sleepless nights, and teething difficulties, and we are still breastfeeding buddies! I never thought I would be able to say I breastfed for this long, but here we are celebrating eleven months of solely breastfeeding, and it doesn’t seem like Adelaide will be wanting to stop any time soon.

I previously wrote a little blog post regarding my journey with breastfeeding, so I’m not going to cover that tonight. If you are interested in my rollercoaster experience, you can read my blog post here. The journey with Adelaide was full of ups and downs for months. The milk would come; the milk would go. Adelaide would be satisfied some days, and other nights she’d be crying because I didn’t have enough that day. As I felt my milk supply start to decline, the memories of my previous experiences with McCarthy and Bennett kept creeping into my mind. Maybe I’m not made for this; maybe my body doesn’t know what it’s doing. This is too stressful. I want to give up! I could give you a hundred reasons for why I wanted to give up! But I would also be able to give you the same number of reasons for why I wanted to keep going.

If you are reading this article and you have chosen not to breastfeed, know there is no judgment coming from this mom. This is my story, my experience, and the choices I made were right for me. I know the battles we face as moms daily! We need to support one another, rally around each other’s situations, and celebrate when someone else makes a breakthrough.


So Adelaide and I pressed on, and I was determined to try everything I could to keep the milk flowing. I love reading blog posts that are short and to the point that give me the information I need without a lot of words. So that is exactly what I’m going to do! Rather than drag you through the emotional mess of my stressed-out-breastfeeding-mom experience…I’m going to fast forward and tell you what did work for me!


Eat your fat:

Fat is amazing because it makes us feel positive, packs nutrition into our bodies, and tastes delicious! When breastfeeding, our babies are feeding off our fat stores and depleting us every day if we are not refueling properly. When people hear “fat,” they often think that eating it will slow down our baby weight loss or make us fatter. This actually couldn’t be more wrong. When we eat healthy fats, our bodies function better. Our bodies know how to burn healthy fats, and our cravings for negative food choices actually are depleted when we eat healthy fats. Drinking coconut milk, for instance, made a huge difference in my milk supply. Coconut milk is packed with delicious fats, and my body was craving more sustenance. I started making protein shakes every day to help my body get more liquid as well as the fat it was craving.


Work out less:

If you would have told me this with babies #1 and #2, I would have told you where to put your opinions. But we live and learn, right? With Adelaide, I definitely noticed a change in my milk supply when I did any workouts over 40 minutes. I started realizing that my body just couldn’t balance breastfeeding and these extended workouts, so I ditched them. I shortened everything to 20-30 minutes a day—quick and powerful—and I saw results. The baby weight kept coming off, and my milk supply increased! Though I believe working out is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body post-baby, there are times when you can overdo it. So set your clock, ladies, for 20 minutes and go! This is the type of workout that will leave you gasping for air and sweating your ____ off. Don’t take it easy on yourself because you’re a mom and you’ve worked hard enough already today! Yep, you heard me! Move your butt and remind yourself who are and why you will not take the easy road.


Let your friends feed your kids:

Okay, this may seem weird to some of you, and that’s okay! When I was in the depths of breastfeeding struggles, I enlisted the help of my sister-in law and my friend Rebecca, who are milk machines, to help me feed Addie while my supply increased. You will never know how thankful I was for those bags of milk and the amount of stress it took off this mom. Struggle is a real thing, ladies. It happens to all of us at some time or another in our lives, so to pretend we have it all together is just way too stressful. Be open, be honest, and trust the people you know have your back with your story…and maybe even let them feed your babies. J


Do what brings you life:

Dear Mom,

I know in this craziness of having a baby and not being to think straight, the only thing you want to do is sleep. So do that! But then I want you to write down one thing that brings you life and go do it! If your partner is not available, enlist a friend to hold your baby or babies. When we relax our minds and feed our souls, the body responds in positive ways. If we are always running on fumes, our bodies will know it, and so will your baby. Stress does kill your milk supply, and it also can make the flavor of your milk change, causing your baby to be a poor eater. Whether it’s taking 10 minutes in the morning to throw some music on and clear your head or getting your nails done once a week, you do you! This is so important because you’re Mom, and the joy you carry with you is so important to the ones around you.


Do what works for you:

This is my last one, and for me it was the most important. I believe in sleep training and 100% support it, but it wasn’t the best thing for Adelaide early on. My milk dipped, and I panicked. I knew from previous experience that it might not go back up, so I made the choice to wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes many times) and nurse her to keep my body producing. This worked for me! I did wean her off of this at 10 months because I felt like I was solid at that point. Adelaide loves nursing (which was not the case in the beginning), and I feel like we are just the most special team together. Sometimes people’s advice is amazing, and other times you need to shelf it. This is your baby and your body, and you need to do what works for you.


I hope this helps encourage you in your journey. Feel free to leave questions or comments.

BOOMBALOO/Spring 2016


BOOMBALOO magazine officially launched their spring issues today and surprised us with with the cover shot! Thank you Natalie, for support, encouragement and flexibility;) I love being a part of this talented and inspirational group of writers.

A special thanks to Abbie Rose, for delivering these beautiful photos! I can’t wait to work on another project with you.



Here is  little sneak peak at my article. Please feel free to leave comments, questions or feedback.


What do we do when we are running out of air? We panic! We thrash, grab onto anything nearby for support, scream, look crazy, and gasp with exhausted relief once oxygen breaks through.

 This is what motherhood can feel like for me. I decided to write this article very honestly because I know I’m not alone. I also know there are millions of moms out there who love their babies with every ounce of their being and feel guilty for looking crazy and being crazy while we love them. My crazy is an overwhelming feeling that I must escape but I can’t leave or let myself leave. My panic is feeling I’m failing at it all and worrying that I might run out of air while I try to perfect this thing called motherhood. My exhaustion comes from comparing myself to everyone else and believing the lie that I’m in this alone. Today, as you read this article, I want to offer you a shoulder you can cry on, the motivation to continue running, and the inspiration to dig deep and remind yourself of the amazing strength you have been created with…Read more here