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Raw Strawberry Cashew Tarts


. Every Valentine’s Day I tell myself I’m going to make heart-shaped pancakes, decorate the breakfast table and glide into the day looking fresh while wearing the perfect amount of pink…As I write this I’m trying to work my greasy hair into perfection before a Skype call, sifting through laundry to find something to wear and shoving breakfast into my mouth. Sounds glamorous right?! Well that is the life of “THIS” mother of three. But I’m so thankful for friends who help me look good and provide me with recipes that get me through days like today! Clair, from “The Healthy French Wife saved my butt with these raw tarts. These tarts can be made days before Valentines every arrives! They are a delicious and healthy dessert or the perfect way to add something special to your family breakfast. Thank you, Clair, for always amazing me with your treats and sharing this delicious one with our readers today.

valentines dessert

Makes 4 mini tarts or one large one.



  • 1 cup of raw almonds,
  • 1/2 cup of coconut flakes;
  • 2 tbsp of coconut oil;
  • 1/2 cup of pitted dates;
  • 1 tbsp of water;
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon;
  • 2 cups of soaked raw cashews;
  • 1/3 cup of almond milk (more if needed);
  • 1 tsp of vanilla paste;
  • 2 tbsp of coconut oil;
  • 1/3 cup of rice malt syrup;
  • 2 cups of fresh or frozen strawberries;

strawberry tart

  1. Mix all the base ingredients together in a food processor. Adding more water if necessary.
  2. Press the base in your tart molds with your finger and place in the freezer.
  3. Mix the filling ingredients (rinse and drain soaked cashews) starting with the cashews first on their own.
  4. Add more almond milk or strawberries if needed.
  5. Spoon the filling on top of the crust and place in the freezer to set. Take out 30 minutes before serving. Top with coconut or strawberries.
  6. Keep in the freezer for a few weeks.

vsco-photo-3-2 vsco-photo-4-2

Happy Valentines Day!


The Doells~~*

Young Denham


A lot has changed since I turned 30, and my closet is no exception. Now 1/4 the size it used to be back in my distant 20’s, I feel as though I’ve never been happier with my selection of pieces to choose from. Fashion and how I view it has totally changed in the past few years, and my appreciation for the hard work, quality, detail and story behind clothing brands matter more to me than ever before. I’ve shifted my focus from quantity (how many pieces can I purchased with $X amount of money) to quality of product. Do these clothes cost more? Absolutely. The amount I spend per item has increased, but so has the time and effort that goes into really choosing pieces I love and will use for long periods of time, and through multiple seasons. Saving up and spending more for items that end up becoming staple pieces in my wardrobe seems to be working well for me. Someone recently commented on my Poppy Barley boots saying that they were “lovely, but far too pricey.” At one point (in my early 20’s) I would have totally agreed with this person, until one day I used some of my hard earned cash to invest in my first pair of good quality leather boots while working for Kenneth Cole’s sales and marketing team in Seattle. For over a decade those boots carried me through season after season and I actually just re-sold them at a shop my closet event! Spread that $350 over 10 years and you have spent $35 dollars a year for the most amazing boots. How many times have those cheap boots you paid $50-$100 for lasted you one season? The math is painful, I know.

img_2674-2I absolutely LOVE my Poppy Barley boots and the integrity that comes with their hand crafted designs. I also happened to love the ladies behind the name. Nothing is more inspiring to me then seeing fellow female entrepreneurs take chances and strive to make their mark in the fashion world. Which is exactly what my beautiful friends Alana & Nicole are doing with Young Denham. Alana has been one of my best friends since moving to Canada and I’ve always been inspired by her creative style and love for fashion. She’s always looking for a new and creative way to work with pieces of clothing that most would be donating away. Along with my amazing artist friend Nicole Young, they came up with the idea to have Alana search for thrift’d denim jackets and have Nicole paint beautiful pieces of art on them. I’ve always been a fan of Nicole’s art, so when they sent me some photos of their up-cycle idea I knew this was something that needed to become a staple in my closet. This beautiful jacket has become my go to for so many outfits! It’s the perfect piece to pair with a little black dress, the everyday pant, and it adds an edge to my gym look. I have literally been chased down a street in Vancouver by a girl wanting to know where I got my jacket from. The combination of the retro Levi’s look and Nicole’s amazing artistic ability creates the perfect one of a kind jacket! I’m in love!


Check out Young Denham on Instagram


Photography: Rhys Albrecht

Jacket: Young Denham

Boots: Poppy Barley

Bag: Thrive Lifestyle

Pants: Thrive Lifestyle 

Dress: Aritzia


facetune-3 denim jacket Denham Jacket young denham denim jacket little black dress

The 20 Minute Workout




Workout Video: The Bosu Balance Challenge


Don’t have time in your day to get a workout in? The 20 minute workout puts that excuse to bed. In our fast-paced world, trying to find time to eat three square meals, let alone complete a gym workout, can feel next to impossible. With an ever-increasing amount of bodyweight workouts that are available in magazines and online, it’s now easier than ever to quickly bust out a 20 minute home workout routine. Along with any daily fitness routine, it is vitally important that you rebuild your torn muscle with the proper protein. If you’re looking to improve your recovery and muscle performance check out my new content page on the 20 minute workout

Staying healthy for the holidays


Mission Group/BigsteelBox 2013 Christmas Party


Staying healthy for the holidays is always a challenge unless you have the proper tools. Before I started educating myself on how to keep my immune system healthy, I would literally get the flu every year right before Christmas. My Decembers were filled with planning family dinners, running to one Christmas party after the other and consuming lots of holiday sugars on the weekends.  Last year, after having Bennett, my immune system was so low that I ended up getting so sick I had to go to the hospital…I knew I needed to change something! What was the answer to this question of staying healthy over the holidays?!


Digestive disorders happen when the balance of friendly bacteria in our intestines is compromised. This can happen from infection or after taking antibiotics.. Intestinal problems arise when the lining of the intestines are damaged. This is where probiotics come in and help! “Probiotics can improve intestinal function and maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestines,” says Stefano Guandalini, MD, professor of pediatrics and gastroenterology at the University of Chicago Medical Center. These friendly organisms may also help fight bacteria that cause diarrhea. When are gut is happy and healthy, our body receives more nutrition from our foods, vitamins, minerals and builds up our immune systems. Introducing good bacteria “probiotics” challenges our immune systems in a positive way!

What probiotics do I use?



For the little men in my life I use Flora Baby. Every morning I put a little scoop in Bennett and McCarthy’s water/juice. I know making decisions for our children’s health can seem overwhelming and costly at times, but this product is worth your investment! Your stress levels will go down because the bacteria at daycare, Sunday school and the playgrounds is not as scary when you know your child’s immune system is built up!

More information.




 For myself I choose Pro-Biotik 15B. When it comes to Probitics, there are tons of options and lots of confusion to go along with it.

What to look for in a probiotic? 

A well-know and trusted brand 
Choose a probiotic supplement from a trustworthy manufacturer which provides research and thorough information about the product.

Billions of live bacteria at the time of expiration
15 billion and upwards of live probiotics in each capsule is a good recommendation. Look for a supplement that displays potency at time of expiration. A lot of the ingested microorganisms won’t survive through the gastrointestinal tract, and more bacteria usually means better survival rates.

Several different bacterial strains
Different strains of bacteria have different survival rates and health benefits. Choosing a supplement with strains from different groups of probiotic bacteria will be the best bet in ensuring optimal results.

Well-researched strains 
The health benefits of certain microorganisms have been well documented through research and clinical trials. Each manufacturer should be able to provide proof that their probiotic supplement contain well-researched and health promoting strains of bacteria.

Acid and bile resistant
The stomach acid and bile will kill a lot of microorganisms. Selecting a probiotic supplement with acid and bile resistant strains will ensure optimal survival.
Some probiotic supplements have enteric coating or other delivery systems that are supposed to ensure survival. Using these types of delivery systems raises some concerns:
– Their effectiveness varies and few manufacturers provide proof that their coating ensures survival
– If these microorganisms aren’t supposed to survive through the GI tract, is it wise to artificially ensure their survival?
– Some enteric coatings use synthetic ingredients
– Beneficial microorganisms from natural sources don’t have any enteric coating.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036642_probiotics_supplements_bacteria.html#ixzz2n6544x40


When putting this post together, I was thinking over some of the events, Christmas parties and times with friends and family that I’m so glad I have been a part of. I came across this video from my friend Alanna’s wedding and had to share it! This is a perfect example of moments I’m so glad I did not miss! I hope this brings a smile to your face.

Thank you to Nature’s Fare Markets, for making today’s post possible.

Fashion Friday! First Hair Cut…




This week’s Fashion Friday is all about hair!

After 2 years and 9 months, the day finally came to chop McCarthy’s lovely long locks. This decision was not one that was easy to come to. I love that McCarthy is such a free spirit and I feel like his hair was a perfect representation of his fun attitude towards life.  But as the days went on, my free spirited, fun little boy started to look a little crazy and his fashionable flow no longer looked too fashionable. I knew we couldn’t just chop it off! This hair cut needed to display style and some edge. So where does one go for these tips?! Ummmm…Pinterest of course! After pinning a few to my ‘little boy fashion’ inspiration board, I knew it was time to take the leap! McCarthy and I had a chat over breakfast and he was more then excited for a date with Mommy to go get his hair done. I explained this was a very special day and that if he sat very still, Mommy would take him to the mall for a mini truck of his choice.  I was so proud of this little guy! He sat like a champ and had such a great time with the whole experience. It also helped that our hairdresser (Tasha) is probably one of the most gifted hairdressers with the calmest/sweetest spirit (McCarthy loves her.)

Alhough tonight was laced with a slight feeling of sadness for McCarthy turning from my baby into a little man, I cherish these Friday night dates and will hang onto his little hand as long as I can.

McCarthy, you bring so much joy and laughter into my day. You will forever have my heart!




Pinterest Inspiration


Pinterest Inspiration






 This past month has been filled with many family adventures. Troy has been doing a bit more traveling than usual, so we decided to pack up the kids and do a few together. In the past month we have spent 1 week in Vancouver and one week on Vancouver Island (Victoria.) Each trip has been a huge learning experience for me and has also instilled more confidence in me as a traveling mother. Some of my greatest learnings from these trips have been…

1) The gym does not happen

These trips are not vacations for Troy, and he has a very busy schedule, so as soon as Daddy was off work, we all would find an adventure for the day (McCarthy loved to hear those words.) By the time it’s all said and done its 8:00 pm and I’m totally pooped from cruising the streets with my men. I decided that this past week in Victoria I was not going to beat myself up over all the “leg days and “arm days” I was missing and I would just work with what I was given. So every morning I would wake up, drink a glass of greens and do 20 minutes of HITT cardio and ab workout before my little guys woke up. Some mornings were harder than others, but I knew if I gave my body a little jump start I would be benefiting the rest of the day.


45 seconds jump squats

plank 30 seconds

45 seconds burpies

30 seconds v-sit

45 seconds high knees

30 seconds reverse crunch

you get the idea… 


2) Prepare food items

Also a huge learning from our first trip to Vancouver (where I was trying to find healthy items at every stop.)

This time around I grocery shopped for all our staples; eggs, vegetables, oat flour, quinoa, brown rice, ect and prepared granola bars for quick grabs when an oven wasn’t available. In doing this, our whole family operated so much better and as we were set up for success! Troy goes to work with a full stomach, I’m happy because I’m staying on track with my healthy eating and the kiddos are pumped they don’t have to wait for everyone to get ready to eat. Honestly, prepping your food prior to traveling is of HUGE benefit! Your going to come home feeling great and not feeling like you left all your hard work in Vancouver at the pizza joint.

 3) Enjoy food with your family

While we are on the topic of pizza! One of my favourite nights of the trip was hitting up Famosa’s Pizza. My good friend Kate recommend this place because they are very kid friendly. Not only where they super great with the kids they made me one of the most amazing pizzas I have had in my life!  First thought upon arriving at Famosa’s …I hope they have a good salad selection! And then as I sat there I thought to myself, “Rach you never eat pizza and some moments you just need to experience and enjoy food with your family or friends.” Do I recommend going overboard and completely throwing your diet out the window for your holidays?! No not at all! But I do recommend that you enjoy life and realize that the more stress you put on yourself the harder your road to a healthy lifestyle is going to be.  With all that being said, I came back from this trip feeling like I hadn’t lost any ground in terms of my weight loss goals and when I stepped on the scale yesterday I was down 2 pounds and several inches! The reality is my body probably needed a break from the gym and by excepting my limitations and not stressing out over them, I propelled forward not backwards .

Enjoy life, wine, and the moments with friends and family that make you smile!

Happy Monday!














And the winner is……

Kelsey Sohnchen!



A huge thank you to Yoga Warehouse for making this give away possible and to you my wonderful readers for participating and sharing this event with our community!

Kelsey I look forward to a weekend of yoga adventures with you!

Breath, love and play~~*

Need to spice up your workout? Why not add a little Currie to your weekend!?



Meghan Currie is coming back to Kelowna!!

I could not be more excited about this news!! For the last couple years I have followed Meghan on YouTube and Facebook and dreamed about going to every workshop she was hosting. Last year Yoga Warehouse brought her to Kelowna, which would have been a dream come true for me if I had not been 8 months pregnant! I made Chelsey promise to bring her back again and on April 19-21 my dreams will be coming true.  If you are looking for a way to grow your practice, experience something new, or just have one of the best weekends you’ve had in a long time, you don’t want to miss this event!! Here’s how I’m going to help you get there! 

I’m teaming up with Yoga Warehouse and will be giving away tickets for the entire event to one lucky person! The winner will be announced on Friday, April 12. All you have to do is share this blog post on your favourite social media site and tag dailyroutineblog. The more you share the greater your chance on winning!

For more information please visit Yoga Warehouse!

I look forward to sharing a weekend of playful adventure and creativity with you all.

Breath, love and play!





The Top 9 Rules That Successful People Live By

Loved this article and had to share! Thank you Jessica for posting this;)


Happy Friday Everyone!

The Top 9 Rules That Successful People Live By


By  on October 25, 2011


The following article appeared in the Harvard Business ReviewWhy have you been so successful in reaching some of your goals, but not others? If you aren’t sure, you are far from alone in your confusion.

It turns out that even brilliant, highly accomplished people are pretty lousy when it comes to understanding why they succeed or fail. In fact, decades of research on achievement suggests that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.




No.9 Get specific

When you set yourself a goal, try to be as specific as possible. “Lose 5 kilograms” is a better goal than “lose some weight,” because it gives you a clear idea of what success looks like. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve keeps you motivated until you get there. Also, think about the specific actions that need to be taken to reach your goal. Just promising you’ll “eat less” or “sleep more” is too vague — be clear and precise. “I’ll be in bed by 10 p.m. on weeknights” leaves no room for doubt about what you need to do, and whether or not you’ve actually done it.


No.8 Seize the moment to act on your goals

Given how busy most of us are, and how many goals we are juggling at once, it’s not surprising that we routinely miss opportunities to act on a goal because we simply fail to notice them. Did you really have no time to work out today? No chance at any point to return that phone call? Achieving your goal means grabbing hold of these opportunities before they slip through your fingers.

To seize the moment, decide when and where you will take each action you want to take, in advance. Again, be as specific as possible (e.g., “If it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I’ll work out for 30 minutes before work.”) Studies show that this kind of strategic planning will help your brain to detect and seize the opportunity when it arises, increasing your chances of success by roughly 300%.


No.7 Know exactly how far you have left to go

Achieving any goal also requires honest and regular monitoring of your progress — if not by others, then by you yourself. If you don’t know how well you are doing, you can’t adjust your behaviour or your strategies accordingly. Check your progress frequently — weekly, or even daily, depending on the goal.


No.6 Be a realistic optimist

When you are setting a goal, by all means engage in lots of positive thinking about how likely you are to achieve it. Believing in your ability to succeed is enormously helpful for creating and sustaining your motivation. But whatever you do, don’t underestimate how difficult it will be to reach your goal. Most goals worth achieving require time, planning, effort, and persistence. Studies show that thinking things will come to you easily and effortlessly leaves you ill-prepared for the journey ahead, and significantly increases the odds of failure.


No.5 Focus on getting better, rather than being good

Believing you have the ability to reach your goals is important, but so is believing you can get the ability. Many of us believe that our intelligence, our personality and our physical aptitudes are fixed — that no matter what we do, we won’t improve. As a result, we focus on goals that are all about proving ourselves, rather than developing and acquiring new skills.

Fortunately, decades of research suggest that the belief in fixed ability is completely wrong — abilities of all kinds are profoundly malleable. Embracing the fact that you can change will allow you to make better choices, and reach your fullest potential. People whose goals are about getting better, rather than being good, take difficulty in stride, and appreciate the journey as much as the destination.


No.4 Have grit

Grit is a willingness to commit to long-term goals, and to persist in the face of difficulty. Studies show that gritty people obtain more education in their lifetime, and earn higher grades.

The good news is, if you aren’t particularly gritty now, there is something you can do about it. People who lack grit more often than not believe that they just don’t have the innate abilities successful people have. If that describes your own thinking… well, there’s no way to put this nicely: you are wrong. As I mentioned earlier, effort, planning, persistence, and good strategies are what it really takes to succeed. Embracing this knowledge will not only help you see yourself and your goals more accurately, but also do wonders for your grit.


No.3 Build your willpower muscle

Your self-control “muscle” is just like the other muscles in your body — when it doesn’t get much exercise, it becomes weaker over time. But when you give it regular workouts by putting it to good use, it will grow stronger and stronger, and better able to help you successfully reach your goals.

To build willpower, take on a challenge that requires you to do something you’d honestly rather not do. Give up high-fat snacks, do 100 sit-ups a day, stand up straight when you catch yourself slouching, try to learn a new skill. When you find yourself wanting to give in, give up, or just not bother — don’t. Start with just one activity, and make a plan for how you will deal with troubles when they occur (“If I have a craving for a snack, I will eat one piece of fresh or three pieces of dried fruit.”) It will be hard in the beginning, but it will get easier, and that’s the whole point. As your strength grows, you can take on more challenges and step-up your self-control workout.


No.2 Don’t tempt fate

No matter how strong your willpower muscle becomes, it’s important to always respect the fact that it is limited, and if you overtax it you will temporarily run out of steam. Don’t try to take on two challenging tasks at once, if you can help it (like quitting smoking and dieting at the same time). And don’t put yourself in harm’s way — many people are overly-confident in their ability to resist temptation, and as a result they put themselves in situations where temptations abound. Successful people know not to make reaching a goal harder than it already is.


No.1 Focus on what you will do, not what you won’t do

Do you want to successfully lose weight, quit smoking, or put a lid on your bad temper? Then plan how you will replace bad habits with good ones, rather than focusing only on the bad habits themselves. Research on thought suppression (e.g., “Don’t think about white bears!”) has shown that trying to avoid a thought makes it even more active in your mind. The same holds true when it comes to behaviour — by trying not to engage in a bad habit, our habits get strengthened rather than broken.

If you want change your ways, ask yourself, What will I do instead? For example, if you are trying to gain control of your temper and stop flying off the handle, you might make a plan like “If I am starting to feel angry, then I will take three deep breaths to calm down.” By using deep breathing as a replacement for giving in to your anger, your bad habit will get worn away over time until it disappears completely.