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Choosing Success


I often get emails from people asking how I stay motivated to work out and eat right, so I thought I would share some of the things that I have found really help me stay focused in my fitness journey.

First of all, I’m not super-human and I feel pain, disappointment, and lack of motivation just like anyone else! One of the top things that have really helped propel me forward in my goals is reminding myself of the commitment I have made to myself. I truly value when people stand by their word and do what they say they are going to do. This goes for what we promise to ourselves as well. If we don’t practice keeping our commitments to ourselves, how will we ever have healthy relationships or gain other people’s respect and trust that we will do what we say we will?

 Write it down:

I’m a lover of Post-it notes, and there are sheets of paper hanging all over my mirrors and other little places I look every day. It’s a proven fact that we will believe more of what we say about ourselves than what others tell us about ourselves. So even if 100 friends tell you how awesome you are, you might still be struggling every day to even want to get out of bed. Open your mouth and speak life! I encourage my clients to wake up and spend just a few moments looking in the mirror and speaking affirmations to themselves because doing so breathes life, joy, and motivation into your spirit. Don’t believe me? Test out on this one, and I guarantee you will be changed!


I am a determined woman, and I believe I’m worth being loved. Therefore, I make healthy choices for my body by eating foods that are full of life.

I am strong and I am determined.

I’m worthy of being loved.

I control my thoughts; they don’t control me.

 Set your mind:

I often hear, “Listen to your body,” which people often take as, “If I don’t feel like it, I shouldn’t do anything.” Wrong! When we set our mind to a task and find it’s not going well, many of us want to check out or give up because the flesh is fighting us and wants to be lazy. Your body wants to keep sitting on the couch, watching Netflix, or sleeping in because you have trained it to think that this is normal. So when it fights back at you during your first run clinic or that bootcamp class you decided to finally do, don’t be surprised. Training is not just about getting a great butt; it’s about retraining the mind for success along with the body. If your workout doesn’t feel awesome today, get out your journal and next to that workout write, “It wasn’t awesome, but I did it! I did not give up. I did not give in to the old me. I came and I showed my old self what the future looks like.”

The reality is that if we want excuses, they will always be there. But when we choose to climb over those obstacles, we develop strength, determination, and the momentum to propel our lives forward in more ways than just our daily fitness battles.

Keep up the good work, guys!


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