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Coconut milk whipping dessert


Looking for something to help you get through those cravings? This healthy and delicious dessert will leave you satisfied, not only because your amazing in the kitchen, but also because you didn’t eat the Carmel and chocolate apples your husband brought home:) Enjoy~~*



Coconut Milk Dessert-

1-place can of coconut milk in refrigerator and leave till chilled

2-open can of coconut milk, there will be a firm,  waxy layer on top (only use this portion of the coconut milk, not the liquid) 

3-place cream in a bowl and beat with a electric mixture till cream because fluffy and light (3-5min)

for a bit of sweetness, I added 8 drops of vanilla stevia

4-place in refrigerator till your chocolate is melted

 5- in a double boiler, melt a bar of your favourite dark chocolate

6-dip your favourite fruits in chocolate

7-cover top of fruit with 3 tbsp of coconut milk whipping cream and 


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