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Coconut Nut Butter Surprise


One week ago, after seeing my Naturopath, I decided to start bringing the whole 30 lifestyle into our daily eating habits. This came with lots of resistance and some tears of frustration over my Vegan attempt not working for my body. After 2 months of not eating meat, I started to feel extremely loopy and couldn’t really think clearly. After seeing my Naturopath, we learned that my body was struggling in many different ways, 0ne of them being my auto immune disorder (Hypo-Thyroid.) To make a long story short, my body was not doing well without the nutrition of meat and I was advised to start eating good quality meat once again, as well as eliminate all sugars, dairy, grains, legumes and everything else in life that is delicious! Haha, I laugh but in that moment I actually was pretty bitter at my body for betraying me once again! My Naturopath gave me a couple different options for executing this plan, one of them being the Whole 30 lifestyle as well as including some methods from “Eating right for your blood type.” I spent days reading, crying and feeling sorry for myself…That’s the honest truth. For anyone who has struggled with a sickness that leaves you depressed, fighting for energy, confused with a foggy brain and emotional from battling hormones that fight you instead of supporting you…I feel your pain friend and I know you feel mine. But in the words of my friend Steph “You are fighting to be whole and I believe you will be.” It may not sound very profound but it always amazes me when the right words we need in a certain moment are spoken, and I am encouraged to put my big girl panties on, pick up my armor and fight again. I’m not giving up! I will continue to experiment, fight and believe there is an amazing plan for this broken body.

It’s been 1 week since I changed my eating and I can honestly say my energy levels have probably tripled, my thoughts are clear and my mood has improved. I miss my old life and I would be lying if I pretended everything was awesome. I’m fighting for balance in all of this, so I’m still giving myself 1 day a week to enjoy wine and paleo desserts. There is still so much to learn and so much work to be done as we try to get my levels to go into the positive…But I can, I will and I must!

If I’ve learned 1 thing in the 9 years of training it’s that what works for one will not necessarily work for another. We are each individual, we each need to find our way and create our own story, That’s why God gave us dessert;)



I’m beyond thankful for the relationship I have with Natures Fare and the constant support their team offers in my health journey. They are constantly offering helpful tips and encouragement as I fight this battle with my body.



Serves 4

 Ingredients :

All of these ingredients have been purchased at Natures Fare.

1 can coconut cream

4 dates

¼ cup nut butter



Blend full speed until creamy and smooth. Place in freeze until firm, top with raw cacao nibs and enjoy~~*

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