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DIY projects and Family Easter fun





Fitting a “Burn the Easter egg off” workout in


Love these ladies



This weekend was super busy and super fun! My beautiful sister in-law and her husband were in town from lovely Vancouver. With their visit comes lots of family time and sitting around scanning Pinterest for the newest DIY project. Every time Jillian comes into town I try to have some new craft or art project finished that I can impress her with:) She is truly such a talented sister to have and I pray she starts a blog so you can all creep on her amazing projects!(Don’t you just love her circle scarf?! Yep, she made it!

Here is a little shower curtain idea I decided to complete this weekend. Lets be honest, a good shower curtain that is unique in some way, shape or form can really send your decorating budget for a spin. So what I did I  do? I headed to Michaels and picked up some Martha Stewart fabric paint, a stencil, a fabric roller brush and had some fun!

See finished project below-

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  1. Syl says:

    You guys are adorable! And McCarthy is changing so much! Love the pic of you 3 ladies…the talented Jill made me that same scarf – she is truly the best!!! Happy Easter to you and yours!

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