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Dress up your luon



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There maybe mixed reviews on this blog post, but I truly feel the matter of how to dress up your lululemon pants is a very important subject. I’m always running from teaching to coffee,lunch with a friend,a last minute date with the husband and I want to look good! There are proper ways and improper ways to achieving the perfect street wear look for whatever your day may hold.  Instead of focusing on the negative uses of the lululemon pants (such as heels with your lululemon, DON’T DO IT!) Let’s focus on the positive ways to achieve trendy looks with your stretchy pants.


#1 Play up your street wear look with a bold sweater and comfy sneakers- 


Alexandra pulls this look off wonderfully with her bold choices. This is the perfect to and from yoga class outfit.

by Alexandra P., 23 year old BLOGGER @LOVELYPEPABLOG.COM




#2 Add boots and yes faux fur!

So your heading out after bootcamp for a coffee date with the girlfriends and your starting to feel like every time your scene in public your sporting your lulu’s. Not a problem! Throw on some cute boots, pair it up with a denim or leather bomber jacket and finish your look off with your favourite faux fur item. You’ll show up not only looking great but also loving the four way stretch in your tights. (My favourite-The wonder under lululemon athletica)

Check more of Anouska’s amazing looks out here



#3 Add Socks-

If your like me, there are very few times you ever work out in anything other then a crop. So rather then freezing your poor little legs off, add some fantastic knee socks to your wardrobe! Pair them up with your favourite white blouse, the perfect pair of riding boots, a chunky scarf and your ready to start your day!


I hope these fashion tips help lift your spirits as you pull on your running tights and hit the gym!

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