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eat your way to a six pack




 This shot was taken after dinner and with the cutest training buddy in the world!



  Today I’m officially 9 days away from my video shoot/fitness project, which I will be going public with in the new year. When I started working towards my current goal, I knew that my body needed to be in top performance shape. When we think about getting lean and sporting a six pack, for most of us our minds go to egg whites and nights crying over the loss of carbohydrates. I once read a statement on Instagram from a fitness model that said “some nights I lay awake crying over how hungry I am.” Really?! Who wants to live like that! Not me! So I got smart. Before starting this process I read, I researched, and I hired a nutrition/fitness mentor to counsel me through the process. And…it was the best decision I could have ever made. If you are currently training for a competition or just wanting to lean out for a personal goal and you’re being advised to eat egg whites and deprive yourself of fat and carbohydrate’s, RUN! Burn that meal plan, take a breather and make yourself a carb snack. Through this process I have carb cycled my foods and ate my way to a six pack. My week currently consist of 3 low carbohydrate days, 2 medium and 2 high. By carb cycling I keep my body guessing and my fat stores burning.  When I step in front of that camera next Friday, my goal is to look lean and healthy, not sunken-in and deprived. Get healthy, get smart and EAT A CARB! 



Interested in what I’ll be eating over the next 9 day’s? Follow along as I post my daily meals in preparation for the camera.

This is one of my favourite meals! Throw some Organic chicken breast in the slow cooker with Mr.Spice Thai Peanut sauce (this sauce has only 2 grams sodium, 2 grams sugar), slow cook for 5 hours and serve with vegetables of your choice!

This would be an option for my low carb dinner. The salad dressing is homemade.

I mix 2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp balsalmic

1/2 pack steviea

1 garlic clove 

parsley,basil and rosemary to taste preference.







  1. Curtis Fisher says:

    Yeah it’s important to balance out the meals when dieting – especially for contests. Playing with the carb intake is always key to peaking at just the right day of the show because there’s a possibility of coming in flat or spilling over for the judging. And if you omit carbs totally on a diet, you’ll definitely become catonic and urinate protein as well as deplete muscle instead of complex carbs for energy.

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