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Fashion Friday!




Every month we have a budget set aside to pick up things our little men may need. This month it was all about the beginnings of every little mans must haves for fall! Thursday, we cruised around Kelowna and visited some of our favourite spots to shop. Join us every Friday as we shop, diy, and thrift our way into fall!





 What Bennett wore-Bib-gifted-Printed Onsie-Joefresh

What McCarthy wore-V-neckAmerican apparel-Toque-American apparel



What Bennett wore-Leggings-Joefresh girls-Baby moccasins-Gifted

What McCarthy wore-Leggings-Joefresh girls-High tops-Supra One Boardshop 






 One of my favourite places to shop for our boys is One Boardshop. They offer 30% off all your kids purchases! These Supra high tops stole my heart at first glance!  
















  1. Hi,,,,, If you were a farmers wife, styles changed just like the wealthy women's. Only you are more practical for your everyday lifestyle. While a wealthy women would not ever want to be caught doing anything that would bring sweat to her brow, a farmers wife is more self-reliant and proud….. so always feel proud to become a farmer's wife.

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