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Final gift giveaway……



We’ve come to the end of our gift giveaway! I hope these gifts have helped set your year up for success. When choosing the final giveaway, I decided to make it very personal. One of the greatest ways to set yourself up for success is by having accountability and support to help achieve your goals.  So I’m going to help you with that! The last and final giveaway is….

1 Month of personal training for you and a friend! (1 session per week)

When it comes to training, having a partner in the process can make a huge difference in your success. There is accountability for workouts, encouragement and someone to talk to about how sore you are (and how much you are loving it:) 

Also included in this prize is…

An afternoon for you and a friend spent with yours truly, first at your house cleaning out the cupboards, fridge, and any other secret spots where junky food may be hiding. Then we’ll head to the grocery store where I will help teach you how to better navigate food choices for the overall health of you and your family!

Thank you again to everyone who has entered this contest along the way and shared these posts over and over again. I hope that you were able to take away a few nuggets of helpful information that will help start 2014 off with a healthy bang! Check back tomorrow to see who the winner is of this final giveaway!



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