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Food Friday – Delicious Quinoa Burgers


This month we have been working hard to clean up our grocery budget and add more vegetables into our weekly meal planning. When you make the decision to buy organic meat, the budget can go out the window quite quickly! So we have started buying our meat from local butchers and adding vegetables, quinoa and beans to make it go further.  Wednesday’s dinner was burger night at our house and these quinoa burgers were a huge hit. Troy and the kids loved the flavour and I used half the meat I normally would for my burgers. I served them with sautéed broccoli and warm spaghetti squash salsa salad. Enjoy~~*


1 lbs of organic ground beef

1 cup of cooked quinoa / pumpkin seeds / lentils

1 egg

1 clove of garlic

chopped onions (to preference)

pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients in a medium bowl

Make into hamburger patties

Toss on the BBQ or cook in large skillet on medium covered until meat is cooked throughly.

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