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Friday Night Delights

This week we took on the adventure of potty training! With a few tips from my mother-in-law and good friends who have mastered this, I felt I was ready.  Although we have had accidents, we have also had many positive moments! McCarthy was more then willing to give up the diapers when it involved getting potty candies, big boy pants and animal stickers to celebrate each completion.  After a couple days of balancing Bennett, cleaning, workouts, several attempts to take a shower and potty training, I was more than excited to head out for a night of fun with our extended family Jordan and Rebecca Turton. One of the best things about hanging out with Becki is the excitement of what she is going to show up in! She continually pushes the envelope with her own fashion and I love it! Interested in what Becki’s wearing? Check her out at MarieJanelle

Also, check out my favourite skinny drink to sip on!



What I wore-Top-Zara,Necklace-H&M 

You’re going to want to use an unflavoured Vodka for this drinks to achieve proper flavour and save on calories. When this picture was taken, I only had flavoured vodka in stock. 

Skinny Vodka Lemonade

1 cup club soda

Half a lemon “I like a lot of lemon”

half a pack of stevia for sweetness

1 shot of vodka

5 ice cubes




So proud of his potty stickers

What he wore – Joefresh PJ top and a guitar 

Green Bay Packers bathroom huddle

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