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Getting back on track





Dear Readers,


I apologies for my lack of posts! These past two weeks McCarthy has been very sick with some type of bug (we are still waiting on lab results). With this sickness came lots of exhausting days, sleepless nights and total frustration that I did not have the power to fix my sick baby. Parenting has been one of the hardest and most amazing things I will ever go through. Just when you think there is no possible way that you can love someone or hurt for someone anymore…Boom! They wake up, call your name and even if you have not slept in days, your heart melts at the sight of them (even if they are covered in a substance you would not wish on your worst enemy).  These past two weeks have been a struggle to be emotionally and mentally present for anyone other than McCarthy. 

The good news is, although we still are waiting on lab results,  McCarthy does seem to be getting better! I have spent countless hours looking up safe natural ways of treating stomach virus, parasites etc.. These are some of the things I really feel have helped McCarthy on his road to recovery (PLEASE CONTACT your Doctor or Pediatrician for advice on what is the best option for you and your baby)

1) Coconut oil

I highly recommend you pick up this book!


2) Probitics-  Sisu-probiotic’s for babies and Bio K Yogurt

We really saw a huge change in McCarthy once we increased his probitics. After doing some research on the benefits of Probiotics for babies I headed to Natures Fare and picked up Bio K. Within hours his runny stool stopped, energy increased and appetite picked up. 


3) B.R.A.T Diet

Bananas – Rice – Applesauce – Toast

The foods that make up the B.R.A.T diet are those foods that will help cause the bulking and hardening of the stool. These foods include grains, and certain fruits. Below are more foods that will help firm-up and bind baby’s stools when diarrhea occurs.


We are on the road to recovery! Be prepared lots of blog posts coming your way!!!!

Enjoy your day and be healthy!

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