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Ready… Set…

Go! Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better you! Over these next 8 weeks you will learn how to set manageable and obtainable goals to achieve your success. Every week you will be given a new weekly goal to work towards. Each weekly goal is a single, attainable step towards better health. The most important thing throughout this process is to just keep moving! If you slip up one week and miss your workouts, or eat a few more treats than you planned for – just shake it off, start that week over and keep the momentum going! As long as you keep moving, you will see results!


If you are a VIP member, I can’t stress enough how important communication is! If something is not working for you with regards to your meal plan or workouts, please e-mail right away so we can figure out a solution together. I will also be sending you regular e-mails to check in and make sure everything is working well for you.

If you happen to be a premium member, the program takes a more self-directed approach. Everything you need to see success can be found on the website. If you find you need more help along the way, or want to take the next step towards a customized meal plan and a virtual private trainer, you can always switch to the VIP program!

Getting Started

Below you will find a 8 week calendar that lays out your workouts, nutrition and mental goals for the week. To make things as easy as possible to get started, we have included links to specific workout videos on certain days.

Your first 2 weeks we will be focusing on body weight exercises to help ease your body into the program. As time goes on, additional workout equipment will be introduced. The equipment workouts will be items you can easily buy for your home gym. However, if you’re on a budget and can’t afford any equipment for the time being, stick to the body-weight workouts as long as you feel challenged.

VIP Members

Your meal plan is going to teach your body to crave proper nutrition. Part of this is getting rid of any negative habits you might be facing. Don’t worry though, there is no crash dieting or crazy calorie counting in this plan. I’m simply going to teach you what to remove and what to add over these 8 weeks. After that we will work on a more structured meal plan that is right for you and your goals.

Please click the below links one week at time for that week’s goals and workout programs!


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