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The Gluteus Maximus is one of the largest muscles in our body, and it’s health and strength are vital in the way both our lower and upper body moves. Keep in mind, another key factor to achieving a toned lower body is the reduction of fat. No matter how much muscle we carry, if we have excessive fat laying over that muscle we will appear soft and jiggly.

Avoid Unnecessary Cardio!

Although cardio workouts can be great for burning fat and increasing our metabolism, it’s not the answer to achieving the butt of your dreams. The appearance of the glute muscle is effected  by muscle growth. Too much aerobic training can compromise that growth, so hang up your running shoes and let’s pack some junk in that trunk! By doing weightlifting workout routines that are focused on your glutes, you activate the muscle which is key to sculpting your booty, and burning away the fat. If you must do cardio, do interval training workouts made up of short, powerful bursts. Follow along to this treadmill workout video, which utilizes a treadmill that is powered off, or try adding sled pushes to your workout.

Maximize Your Glute Workout

I often come across people who specifically train their lower bodies with only light or only heavy weights. This is based on a lack of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to shape a great set of glutes. Adding a variety of low weight high reps and heavy weight low reps not only stops your workouts from getting stale, it also adds the variety your glutes need to build. There is no one perfect exercise. To train your butt properly you need variety of angles, resistance, weight and repetitions. When working any part of the body, always remember to focus on variety and variance to help work all different types of muscle fibres.

Form is key

Practicing proper form will not only help you excel during your workouts and avoid injuries, it will also benefit the growth of your muscles. When you keep your body properly aligned, your muscles are able to work at a more efficient rate, thus producing more muscle.  When you use proper form in exercises like squats and dead lifts, you are able to execute these exercises with full range of motion which is key for glute development. So the next time you are setting up for a squat and you feel pressure to load up the rack and look like a tough guy, slow down, slowly add weight and make sure you are able to achieve the full range of motion during your glute workout.

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