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Go Green


  I’m currently 3 weeks away from my fitness goal/project.  Maintaining a healthy Immune system and my body receiving all the nutrition it can is vital.    Today I’m going to share with you my favourite green drinks and how they can boost your immune system! 


-If your diet consist of meats, wheat and dairy it’s acid-forming.

-If you have stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety your body is acidic. This causes our adrenal’s to suffer and constantly release cortisol.

-Changes in the acidity of our tissues and blood causes our body to work less than optimal. Our immune system is and our bodies capacity to heal is compromised. 

-The constant build of of glucose,lactic acid and cetones force the kidneys into excreting higher amounts of certain minerals. 

Ok so what the heck do we do?

Through the summer I did a lot of reading on our ph levels and the alkaline in the body. After having Bennett my skin started to suffer, my immune system kept crashing and I actually ended up in the emergency room.  My body was worn out and there was no support coming from my immune system. I sought out the knowledge of a Natural path and after some testing we realized that my thyroid levels had dropped which often causes a drop in your immune system as well. Without a healthy immune system you cannot get your thyroid on track. Rather than put a band aid on it, I wanted to go to the source of my problem and fix it! When you really look at the nitty gritty of our bodies, almost everything is connected to the gut. If our gut is operating at its highest potential we are able to extract the minerals and enzymes we need from the foods we eat.  But when our guts and alkaline systems are off, our bodies cannot receive the nutrition it needs. 

So rather then turn this into a massive scientific discussion, I’ll quickly explain what a proper ph/alakaline state should be and how we bring our bodies back to these levels.

Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline (7.35 – 7.45). A deviation from this range can lead to symptoms and disease. A pH of 7.0 is neutral; below 7.0 is acidic and above 7.0 is alkaline .

Go green!
How do the enzymes in our greens support our immune system?
    1. Digest food 
    2. Break down toxins 
    3. Cleanse the blood 
    4. Strengthen the immune system 
    5. Build protein into muscle 
    6. Contract muscles 
    7. Eliminate carbon dioxide from the lungs, and  Reduce stress on the pancreas and other vital organs.
Throughout the summer I read Kimberly Snyders “Beauty Detox” and committed to a 90% vegan lifestyle along with her glowing green smoothie first thing in the morning.  This was great for a season, but I discovered that I’m not really ready to give up meat and neither is my body. I started looking for more ways of getting the same level of greens per day that the glowing green smoothie offered to support my immune system and improve my alkaline.  After trying a couple different types of green drinks my current picks are EON’S Phytofuel (check blog post out here) and Greens Plus Whole Body Nutrition.
How do I use these products?
My current routine is to wake up, drink a warm cup of lemon water and follow it up with Greens Plus Whole Body Nutrition. This increases the alkaline in my body and balances my system for the day ahead.
After my workouts, I drink a glass of Phytofuel. This will boost my immune system after my nutrition has been depleted from my workout and it also offers a serving of protein.

Containing 70% fermented ingredients – including fermented plant foods, fermented essential fatty acids, fermented fibre & fermented protein – greens+ whole body NUTRITION nourishes the micro flora of our gut environment with helps the body achieve:

  • Amplified antioxidants, nutrient absorption and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients during the digestive process
  • The ability to generate valuable nutrients and co-factors, as well as protecting against anti-nutrients

Plus – nourishing the bacteria in your intestinal tract improves your overall health by:

• Helping the digesting and absorption of certain carbohydrates

• Preventing gas, bloating and constipation

• Producing vitamins, absorbing minerals and eliminating toxins

• Keeping bad bacteria under control

• Preventing allergies

• Providing vital support to your immune system 

greens+ whole body NUTRITION also feeds key systems and functions of the body with premium nutrition from:

• The nutritional, allergen free, and pH balancing benefits of greens+ O

• Brain, mood and vision support from Vegan Vitamin D, Extramel™, NeuroFactor™ and Lutein

• Supercharged whole foods, including organic spirulina, red beets, carrot, chlorella, broccoli & broccoli sprouts, olive, cocoa and rice bran

• Energizing standardized herbal extracts

• Antioxidant rich botanicals including AuroraBlue™ 

PLUS- greens+ whole body NUTRITION is 100% vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and made with non-GMO ingredients.


For more information check out Genuine Health Or head to your local NaturesFare .

    Some Tips to increase the alkaline in your body-
  • Include alkaline producing foods like yogurt, honey, fruits and dark leafy green vegetables.
  • Add walnuts, pine nuts and almonds (other nuts are acid forming).
  • Avoid acid-forming foods like red meat, alcohol, coffee, sodas, cheese, refined sugar, wheat flour and chocolate.
  • Exercise and rest to counteract effects of stress.
  • Instead of following a diet protocol to the letter, listen to your body.
  • Signs of inflammation, lack of energy and any sign of mineral or vitamin deficiency could improve by adding variety in the diet but sometimes supplementation is necessary. Consult your nutritionist.

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