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Happy Sunday!

 Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope your weekend was filled with lots of energy and laughter. Troy has been gone for a week on business, so the boys and I have been passing the days with jumping on the bed and eating breakfast for dinner.  I will be honest, for the longest time, every time Troy would come home and say he was leaving on a business trip, it would literally take the wind out of my sails. I would think about the challenges ahead….training is harder, grocery shopping is harder, days are longer, my body gets tired from playing both roles all week. And then one day a light came one, so to speak. Why am I letting these weeks beat me before they even arrive?? So I decided to change my attitude and approach. The past couple trips I have really set my mind on all the positive things the boys and I are going to accomplish and what areas of personal growth I really want to focus on while Troy is away.  Do I have lots of alone time? Nope! But what I do have is an opportunity to prove to myself that despite tough days or a drained tank, I can still choose to be someone that keeps it together under pressure.

I’ve also gotten better at saying “I need help”!  I am defiantly the type of person whose natural extinct is to keep my problems to myself when I’m feeling stressed.  So rather than continuing to stretch myself too thin when the storms roll in, I have reached for the phone and called Grandma or a good friend and asked for help.  This past week especially I saw a great change in myself and my boys.  I went into the week knowing we would miss Troy but that we would do every fun thing possible to make the days pass.  When I look back at this week I hear laughter and lots of deep breaths. We made it and we did it with a great attitude.

 P.S I most definitely am sipping on some wine and I may just book a massage this week!


Have a great start to your week!








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