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With the multitudes of diets that are currently circulating the globe, the Paleo diet is one to stop and consider. The Paleolithic diet is based around what our “hunter-gatherer” ancestors would have eaten during the Paleolithic era, or Stone Age. With all the processed foods that have become a staple in our grocery stores, and the obesity and preventable diseases that follow, it’s about time we started looking for alternative ways of nourishing our bodies. Funny (or sad) that what we would now consider the  “alternative” way, is actually one of the most simple and healthy ways of eating. Become a member today and get access to some great sample Paleo meal plans.

Spaghetti-BologneseHow Does The Paleo Diet Work?

The Paleo diet is focused on high protein intake with low glycemic load (sugar intake). This combination is well-known for helping to reduce body fat and keep it off! Processed sugars are arguably the number one problem when it comes to obesity in the modern era. Diseases like type-2 diabetes have been linked to sugary drinks like soda and sport/energy drinks, and I’ve heard a doctor once tell me that as long as people smoke cigarettes and drink soda, he will always have a job. Fresh fruits and vegetables make up a significant portion of a Paleolithic Diet, and offer many of the vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay healthy and fight off disease. Healthy fats are provided by seeds, nuts and certain oils, which round out this simple, yet effective, diet.

What Foods Can I Eat?

Below is a short list of the Paleo-acceptable foods groups that you can devour! As you can see, it is a very simple list, composed of food groups that, when paired with a daily fitness routine, will help you gain lean muscle mass, lose weight and live a healthy, balanced life.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Grass-produced meats
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Eggs
  • Healthy oils including coconut, flaxseed, walnut and avocado

What Foods Should I Stay Away From?

Below is a short list of the foods that you need to steer clear from if you want to uphold a legitimate Paleo diet. You may be surprised at a few of these food groups listed. Keep in mind that your body has a certain way of processing foods, and just because a potato is a vegetable and whole wheat bread is the “healthier choice”, it doesn’t mean it’s of benefit to your body.

  • Any processed foods
  • Cereal grains
  • Dairy
  • Legumes (including peanuts)
  • Potatoes
  • Refined sugar
  • Salt
  • Processed oils
  • Alcohol

My Humble Opinion

What you and your family choose to put into your bodies is a very personal decision. There are many aspects of the Paleo diet that we incorporate into our family’s meal planning, and certain things that we choose to eat that contradicts this diet. The key to any healthy lifestyle is balance, and this includes your daily nutritional choices. For instance, we occasionally eat peanut butter or include it in a baking recipe, and from time to time we will eat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit as a dessert option. This doesn’t mean that we have completely fallen off the wagon, we just choose to occasionally add certain things into our diets that we really enjoy eating. I am a firm believer that occasional “cheat meals” are a necessity in any balanced diet, thus helping you keep your sanity while practicing healthy eating habits. Also, check out my Raw Food Diet page for some great Paleo options.

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