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If you want to be healthy, and you suck at cooking, then a raw food diet is something you should seriously consider! All joking aside, the raw food movement has been spreading like wildfire over the past few years, and there is scientific evidence to back up their claims. So before you continue to toss every item of food that you are about to consume into an oven or onto a stove, take a read through this page and familiarize yourself with food in its simplest state…RAW!

What Is A Raw Food Diet?

Also known as Raw Foodism, the practice of eating only raw foods is fairly self explanatory. Based around eating uncooked, unpasteurized, and unprocessed foods, the most common raw foods that would be consumed are vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish and certain raw dairy products. Seem unattainable? It’s no-doubt going to be a challenge to keep the stove off, but there are so many raw food diet benefits that one needs to consider this alternative way of eating. Let’s start by asking the question “Why?”

The Reasons Why

There are many reasons why people start new diets, here are 3 reasons why you should make the switch, either temporarily (detox) or permanently (combat illness/overall health).


A raw food detox is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins and contaminants. Because raw foods are low in calories, fats and unhealthy sugars, they can help you lose weight and unwanted body fat. When paired with a daily fitness routine, this knockout combo of healthy foods and fitness will almost immediately showcase positive results.

Combat Illness

Eating strictly raw foods, especially juicing raw fruits and vegetables, has been well documented in many instances to help fight or completely eliminate cancer. It sounds crazy, but not only do raw food juices help to build your immune system, certain nutrients actually kill cancer cells. Don’t believe me? Hop on Google and read the stories for yourself.

Overall Health

By cooking foods, you actually kill much of the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies so desperately need to stay healthy. Raw organic fruits and veggies retain all the essential minerals and nutrients that help to boost your immune system and increase energy levels and mental clarity. Enzymes are key to help break down these essential nutrients, and raw, uncooked foods are packed with them. There is no denying the Raw Food Facts are true! Click here to check out some additional raw food benefits.

Getting Started

With anything new, actually getting started is usually the toughest part of all. We can tend to focus on how difficult this new routine is going to be rather than looking for some simple tips to get started and keep meals tasty and exciting to eat! Here are a few helpful hints to help properly plan and execute the start of a raw food diet.

  • If you currently eat raw fruits and veggies as a part of your current diet, you are already well on your way! Instead of getting discouraged by thinking of all the foods you cannot eat, start by eating more of what you currently eat raw.
  • Plan out your raw snacks and meals in advance. Eating raw foods doesn’t just happen by chance, it will take some reading and research prior to going to the grocery store. Get familiar with some great Raw Food Recipes and this process will get significantly easier!
  • Don’t stress out! Many people choose to make this transition slowly. Maybe it’s one meal a day that is completely raw, or one day of the week. As you start to start to dabble with new recipes and become more and more familiar with what your options are, it will be easier to make larger commitments towards a complete raw food diet.

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