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Many of the nutritional questions I’m receiving lately surround the topic of raw food diet benefits. If you are wondering what a raw food diet is, click HERE to check out my page that lays out the basics of raw food. Remember, a raw food diet isn’t necessarily for everyone. You need to listen to what your body is telling you when you are trying out a new diet or fitness plan. All of our bodies were created differently, which is amazing in and of itself, but it is also a reminder that just because certain foods work well for one person, they may not jive with the next. Become a member today and take advantage of great meal plans, recipes along with fitness videos and blogs! Here is a collection of the benefits I see a raw food diet having on your health.

Minerals and Enzymes

Cooking food (above 40 degrees celsius) destroys the natural minerals and enzymes present in the food, which our body needs to stay healthy. Enzymes are what break down nutrients so that our body can fully absorb them. If we are cooking all of our food, we are only getting a fraction of the benefit that is contained in the food. A raw food diet maximizes our healthy food choices by retaining all of the healthy nutrients, minerals and enzymes our bodies were designed to digest.

Clean Eating

Because a raw food diet is made up whole, organic food choices, it is a very clean way of eating. Here is a list of some of the foods that make up a raw food diet:

  • Organic fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable juice (preferably juiced at home, not store-bought)
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Dried fruit
  • Legumes
  • Raw coconut milk

Looking at this list, you may initially feel that your meal options are limited, but there are hundreds of great raw combinations that can be put together, you may just have to get creative for the first time when meal planning!

Loose Unwanted Weight

If you’ve got some extra “love” hanging out on your body in certain areas, it may be time to consider taking a look at these raw food diet benefits and making a change in your eating habits. If your body’s pH is acidic, you will remain overweight. You want your body to have an alkaline pH which will sustain long-term weight loss. Alkaline foods such as green vegetables and fruit (although slightly acidic) which make up a raw food diet have the properties to properly balance your pH levels and keep those unwanted pounds off.

Fight Sickness

Many fruits and vegetables, especially when juiced, have key nutrients that can help stop the spread of diseases, even fighting off cancer. Juice diets and detox programs have been widely known for their effective battle against cancer in many people. By actively protecting the healthy cells in your body with a ton of rich nutrients, disease often slows down, or in some cases is completely eliminated. This is obviously not the ONLY way to fight illness, but it sure sets your body up for success.

More Raw Food Diet Benefits

There are many other raw food diet benefits that did not make the above list. Some additional reasons for choosing to eat raw are:

  • Improved digestion
  • Clear skin and complexion
  • You can eat as much as you want, as often as you want!!
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart disease

If these benefits don’t give you ample reasons to at least TRY more raw food options, then you may need to seek out help elsewhere 🙂 Remember to always listen to your body when trying out different diet options. All of our bodies are created differently and respond in different ways to the food that we put into them. If you take the time to document what you are eating and how you feel after you eat it, you are going to very quickly gain an understanding for your own body and how to properly fuel it.

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