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Video Blog: Full Body Tabatta Ball BlastDon’t have time in your day to get a workout in? The 20 minute workout puts that excuse to bed. In our fast-paced world, trying to find time to eat three square meals, let alone complete a gym workout, can feel next to impossible. With an ever-increasing amount of bodyweight workouts that are available in magazines and online, it’s now easier than ever to quickly bust out a 20 minute home workout routine.

Don’t Get Distracted

Working out at home can be a great time-effective option for some people, but it can also come with amazing amounts of distractions. If your cell phone and the TV mounted on the gym wall aren’t enough to divert your attention, add in everything that could possibly take away your focus at home, including family members, your computer, the roast burning in the oven, etc. Remember, if you are going to limit yourself to a 20 minute workout, then that time needs to be highly focused on getting in the best exercise possible. Here are a few basic tips:

  • Find an empty room and close the door.
  • Set a timer so you can track the workout time.
  • TURN THE TV OFF! Yes, that is what the little red button at the top of the remote is for. If that button doesn’t work, pull the power cord out of the wall. 🙂
  • Try to choose a time of day that allows you to turn your brain off and focus on the task at hand.

Think About The Muscle

Sounds weird, I know. But studies show that creating a mind-body connection to the muscle that you are working out can have a positive effect. Allow yourself time to think by controlling your movements and keeping them slow and steady. Even though this is a quick workout, you don’t need to rush through exercises, and it’s definitely not a race to see how many reps you can do in 20 minutes. Slow and steady wins the race…or builds the muscle.

Sample 20 Minute Workout

Here is an example of a great 20 minute workout that is sure to get your heart rate up and can easily be completed at home with minimal equipment!Workout Video: Medicine Ball Power Sculpt

  • Wall Ball – 1 minute
  • Mountain Climbers – 1 minute
  • Air Squat – 1 minute
  • Over-head Ball Slam – 1 minute
  • Over-head Reverse Lunge – 1 minute
  • Russian Twist – 1 minute
  • 1 minute rest

Complete this twice and voila, you just pounded out a great 20 minute workout!


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