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Do you have a body? If you do, then there is no excuse why you can’t incorporate bodyweight workouts into your current fitness plan. Whether it’s in your hotel room, at the in-laws, or part of your home workout routine, using your bodyweight requires little to no equipment and can produce serious results. When you think of building muscle and creating definition in your body, our minds might immediately start thinking about all those bootcamp classes that have been missed or the weights that are collecting cobwebs in the garage. You may just need to stop making excuses, get your body out of bed, and start moving!

Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight Workout #1

Set your timer and do each exercise for 1 minute. Take 15-30 second rests between exercises, and remember, if at any point you have trouble catching your breath or feel light-headed, extend your rest periods and come back when you are ready.

  • Bodyweight Squat
  • Alternating Lunges
  • Star Jumps
  • Plie Squats
  • Burpees (chest to the floor)
  • Tricep Dips
  • Push Ups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Ab Curl Up
  • Bicycles

Bodyweight Workout #2

Set your timer for 45 seconds for each exercise. Repeat each circuit 3 x. Focus on short rest periods between these sets to keep your heart rate elevated and your fat burning!

Circuit 1

Push Ups
Bench Dips
Wall Sit
Russian Twist

Circuit 2

Bodyweight Squat
Tricep Push Up
Russian Twist

Circuit 3

Shadow Boxing
Mountain Climbers
Leg Climbs

Time Under Tension

When your goal is to burn fat and lean your body out, the urge can be to move at a quick pace through exercises. Let me introduce to you the concept of Time Under Tension.  The traditional time under tension concept is based on four seconds lowering your weight, 1 second pause, and 2 seconds to raise your weight. Most personal trainers will instruct their clients that sets of 8-12 reps will create muscle hypertrophy and strength in the body. If you rush through the first 8 reps, what happens to your form in the last 4? By slowing down your reps and focusing on time under tension, you are able to focus on what’s really happening in your workout. For your next bodyweight workout, try and hold true to the time under tension principle. 4-1-2. When you are integral with your body movements, you will no doubt complete more efficient workouts and will see greater gains. Greater gains=more muscle=greater fat burn=leaner body. Simple!

Eliminate Plateau With Bodyweight Workouts 

If you have ever done the same weightlifting workout routines for months on end, you have probably experienced a plateau at some point. Taking a break from your weights and gym equipment not only gives your joints a break, it switches things up for your muscles resulting in beneficial muscle confusion. Prior to every photo shoot that I do, I take a 10-14 day break from lifting weights and focus on bodyweight exercises. I do this not only to switch things up but to challenge my muscles in a way that lifting weights often times can’t. So next time you are staring at the wall of dumbbells and feel completely unmotivated, try busting out a high intensity bodyweight workout and bring the fun back to your fitness routine.

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