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Many of us have a few pounds we’d like to shave off, and fat burning workouts are a great place to begin. Whether it’s on your legs, butt, stomach, or arms, nobody enjoys having extra fat hanging off his or her body. It slows you down and it can be the source of many health-related issues. This journey is not going to be easy, and if you are serious about getting rid of unwanted fat on your body, you are going to have to work hard…probably harder than you ever did before. What’s encouraging is that thousands—if not millions—of people, sitting in same place you are today, decided to get off the couch and change their lives (and bodies). You can do it too, so let’s get started.

Interval Training

This isn’t a fun place to start, but interval training workouts are at least an 8 out of 10 on the fat burning workouts scale, and results are almost guaranteed to follow. Interval training combines high-output bursts followed by rest periods. This is easy to incorporate into your daily workout routine by simply taking an exercise that you would normally do for 3 consecutive minutes, cut it down to 30 seconds, and increase the intensity to the max you can put out. Long, steady, low intensity workouts don’t cut fat fast, so let’s up the intensity and melt some fat. Check out my Interval Training Workouts page for more information and sample interval workouts!


When was the last time you saw a professional sprinter with extra fat wiggling in the wind as he or she raced down the track? Daily-Routine-Ready-Set-GoExtra weight isn’t an option for someone who runs for a living. Though we don’t all need to have sprinters’ bodies, there are things we can learn from their sport. Sprinting workouts are pretty much interval workouts, incorporating high intensity bursts of sprinting with varying rest periods. Keep switching the routine up, keep your body guessing, and keep melting fat.


It’s no secret that muscle burns fat, but somehow we can find ourselves attached to cardio equipment for the duration of our workout. Pick up some weights/ something heavy/some kids…SOMETHING! Adding lean muscle to your body will help burn fat long after your workout is over. I’m not suggesting you start by tossing 3 plates on each side on the bar at the squatting rack station and blow your knees out. Start with some basic weightlifting workout routines using light weight, but be consistent in how you incorporate these fat burning workouts into your fitness regiment, and slowly add more weight.

Why Fat Burning Workouts?

  • Less unhealthy fat = more healthy body.
  • Many of the workouts described above are challenging, and they will help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • You don’t need much equipment to successfully pull off fat burning workouts.
  • They increase your metabolism.
  • Fat is why you can’t fit into that pair of jeans anymore. (And you really like those jeans!)

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