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Kettlebell workouts can be a highly effective way to increase lean muscle and strengthen your core, all while under the roof of your own home. There are endless variations of exercises that can be done from strength training, to HIIT workouts. These chunks of steel will last forever, which also make them a great investment when it comes to home workout equipment. Buy them once, and never have to buy them again. Here is a breakdown of the most popular kettlebell exercise and it’s benefits. I can guarantee your daily fitness routine will not be the same again once you try this piece of equipment on for size.

Getting Started

Depending on the type of workout you are trying to accomplish, you are going to want to pick the proper kettlebell weight. For men, a good starting point is 35 lbs, and for most women, 18 lbs is a place to begin. Too much weight can quickly lead to injury, so start light and work your way up from there.

It’s All About “The Swing”

The Swing is one of the most basic kettlebell exercises you can do, and is pretty much a full body workout in itself. Here is how to perform “The Swing”:

  1. IMG_6854With your feet shoulder width apart, and your weight evenly distributed, hold the kettlebell with both hands in front of you, letting your arms hang. (keep your shoulders back for good posture)
  2. Bend your knees, keeping your back straight, and pop your hips back (butt out). Let the kettlebell drop between your knees while leaning forward.
  3. Keep your core nice and tight, and without rounding out your back, thrust your hips forward and swing the kettlebell up in front of you, arms straight the entire time. (you may decide to swing it to chest level, head level, or even over your head depending on the difficulty level you want to achieve)
  4. Let the kettlebell fall back to the initial position between your knees, while keeping your arms and back straight, and popping your butt out again, get ready for your next swing.

Get In The Flow

“The Swing” is meant to be a smooth, controlled motion that is done repetitiously. If you can’t accomplish this, either your technique is wrong or you have picked up too much weight. One way of practicing keeping this motion smooth is to swing to the beat of a song, or download a free metronome app on your smartphone and swing on time to the click of the metronome.

Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Although The Swing is a very simple kettlebell workout, it touches on many different muscle groups including your shoulders, back, butt, abs and legs. Bust out 30 seconds of swinging, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and you’ve now created the world’s simplest interval training workout. Grab a heavier kettlebell and challenge your muscles to achieve your maximum reps. And yes, you’re going to be sore, and you may have trouble raising your hands to you head to wash your hair, but that beach body will be well worth it.

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