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Bands for Beginners: Workout Video

Resistance bands workouts were designed to eliminate any excuses you might have as to why you can’t get a workout in today. Over the past number of years, training with resistance bands has increased in popularity at the gym, in fitness classes, as well as at home. If you’ve never tried doing a bands workout, you probably are wondering how a large rubber band can accomplish the same workout you are used to getting with your free weights and machines at the gym. If that is the comparison you are looking to draw, then yes, you are probably right. But have you ever tried putting a squatting rack into your purse? Not all of us can get out to the gym every day, and with the busy lives many of us lead, having purse-sized workout equipment is a tremendous help. Whether you’re at home, in a hotel room, or even at the office, resistance bands are a simple way to accomplish your fitness goals.

Sample Full-Body Workout

  1. jillian Harris 3Bicep Curl x 10 reps – Lay the band on the floor and step on the middle with both feet side by side. Grab the handles and stand up straight. Slowly perform a bicep curl using the resistance of the band. You can alternate sides or perform both arm curls at once. To increase the resistance, move your feet further apart on top of the band to shorten up the length of the band, thus increasing intensity.
  2. Back Row (seated) x 10 reps – Sit on the ground with your legs fully extended, and then wrap the band around your feet so that there is a little bit of tension when your arms are fully extended. Pull your arms towards your sides as if you were doing a cable row on a machine.
  3. Shoulder Press x 10 reps (a long band is required) – Lay the band on the floor and step on the middle with both feet side by side. Grab the handles and stand up straight. Bring your hands with the handles up to shoulder height, with your palms facing the roof. Slowly push your hands straight up above your head towards the roof, and then lower.
  4. Squat x 10 – Lay the band on the floor and step on the band with your feet shoulder width apart, in the squat position. Grab the handles and with your hands at your shoulders, stand up straight.
  5. Resistance Sit-Up x 20 – Wrap the band around a fixed object and lay down on your back, facing away from it. Bring the handles to your head and perform a sit-up while pulling away from the fixed object. To increase difficulty, move your starting position further from the fixed object, thus increasing the tension on the band during the sit-up.

The Benefits of Resistance Bands Workouts

  • You can take bands anywhere!lean-legs
  • Performed correctly, resistance bands workouts help to increase flexibility in the muscle.
  • They provide resistance throughout the entire motion. With free weights, there are times when the position of the weight offers little to no resistance (i.e., at the top of a bicep curl).
  • They are cost effective.
  • Multiple different lengths, tensions, and exercises allow you to complete a full body workout.


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