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Sandbag workouts will literally “shift” the way you are currently strengthening your body! They are increasing in popularity due to the multitude of functional strength training exercises available. From focused muscle group workouts to a full-body assault, a sandbag is definitely a necessary addition for your home gym. They are easy to buy online (minus the sand) or fully loaded at your local fitness equipment dealer. You can easily remove sand to lessen the overall weight or fill the bag up and simulate a heavy weightlifting routine. The versatility is endless!

What Is It About Sand?

Sand moves. Unlike solid, fixed-shaped pieces of gym equipment like dumbbells, sand is constantly moving and shifting. Have you ever tried to catch a bag of sand? It’s not easy, which is the very reason why sandbag workouts are so great! The instability of the sand inside the bag forces the muscles engaged in the workout to continually stabilize the load. These small, reactionary movements increase strength and build motor control.

Who’s Doing It?

The short answer is…everyone! Any well-appointed gym is going to have at least a few sandbag options, and depending on the weight of the sandbag, almost anyone can incorporate this into his or her workout routine. From professional athletes to search-and-rescue personnel to your average stay-at-home mom, a wide variety of people are served well by sandbag workouts.

Sample Exercises For Sandbag Workouts

Here are a few exercises using sandbags that you can easily incorporate into your workout routine.

  • Sandbag Back Squatsandbag
    • Lift the sandbag up over your head and place it behind your neck across your shoulders.
    • Keep your head up and back straight, and perform a full squat (butt to the floor).
  • Sandbag Walking Lunge
    • Hold on to the sandbag with a hugging grip against your chest, and perform a walking lunge.
    • Remember to never let your knee go past your foot when you perform the lunge.
  • Sandbag Deadlift
    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, with the sandbag on the floor in front of you.
    • Keeping your back straight and arms straight (holding the sandbag) while looking forward, use your glutes and quads to drive the sandbag off the floor.
    • Use your lower body to “push up” rather than have your arms “pulling” up.

Check out this killer workout routine using a sandbag!

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