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How Bad Do You Want It?


If your feeling lazy today, I want you to stop and take a minute out of your day to watch this video. Then reassess your day.


                                                                Today’s Workout:

Warm Up-

2 min jump rope-50 box jumps


10 push ups

10 pull ups (if you are not able to perform pull ups, replace the pull up with a lateral pull down)

10 box jumps

10 kettle bell swings

Perform 6 x at a timed pace

Finish off your workout with:

12 overhead squats and 20 wall balls.

Repeat this section 3 x



  1. katie nesbitt says:

    great video! and good lil workout 🙂 ive lost 10lbs since reading your blog. even though i havent seen you much at all these days, your lifestyle change has been insipiring! so thanks a million rach! xo

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