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How To Fight The Mom Bum


The ones who came before us warned us of the effects of mom bum. This condition takes a perfectly round, lifted asset and literally sucks the life out of it. The fight is real! The culprit…your baby.

Now before you burn your skinny jeans and pull out the mom jeans (which are actually in style now) to fit your new pancake-style butt, let’s look at the causes of mom butt and the solutions.

First of all, thank goodness for butts and the ability to feed our babies with these amazing bodies! The reality is that the body was not made to be just a beautiful piece of aesthetics that walks around. I know, shocking, right!? We actually are created with such amazing abilities that we can grow a human, feed him or her, and get our bodies back! Yes, you heard me right. We can get our bodies back, but it will take work and dedication.

Plan for success:

One of the most important ingredients for trying to add some roundness back into those pants is food! We are busy, we are overtired, and we reach for whatever is easy. That is the life of a mom in a nutshell. I’m 100% guilty of this, so I’m preaching to the choir here. Since having baby #3, I literally have to leave myself reminders in my phone to eat and drink. (I’m not joking.) The reality is that although we still need quick and easy, quality is what is most important. I cannot stress enough the importance of meal prepping. It will keep you on track for losing that extra baby weight and give you the energy you need for those busy days. Simple things like energy balls, granola bars, veggies, and hummus are great options to have constantly on hand and easy to grab when you’re running out the door.

We love fat:

When we are tired or depleted in nutrition, our bodies start to crave sugars and carbs to keep our brains going and our bodies storing fat. It’s our body’s way of surviving and coming out of this parent thing alive. But one of the key things here is “It causes us to store fat.” We want to use our fat as energy, not store it in places it doesn’t belong (like your love handles). So how do we do this? By providing the body with healthy and delicious fats. I get asked often if working out affects my milk. No, it does not because I eat tons of fat. This is how I lose my baby weight and keep my milk supply up while sweating it out daily. Healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, and nut butters fuel our body with vitamins and the nutrition the body needs for energy, proper brain function, and healthy hormones. And they are easy and quick to eat! Spread some almond butter on rice cakes, add coconut oil to your smoothie, or throw an avocado in your diaper bag, and snack your way through the day.

Lift your way to success:

Stop with all the cardio! Okay, yes you need to sweat and get the heart rate up to lose that baby weight, but if you keep the body moving at a steady pace while lifting those weights, you are going to keep that heart rate up and those calories burning. Weight lifting also keeps the calories burning after that workout is over because of your muscle growth! Muscle eats up calories and fat like crazy while adding beautiful shapes and curves to that body.

Retire your gym membership:

Throw out your excuses that you don’t have the time or money for all these expensive gym memberships. Does your house have walls and a floor? If the answer is yes, then you have the perfect place to get your sweat on. Squats and lunges are two of the most effective ways to shape and lift your bum. Pair them up with some little bursts of cardio, and you have an effective workout that will have you shedding that baby weight and fighting that mom bum!

The mom bum workout:


30 Air Squats

Followed by 1 minute of high knees

Squat Jumps: Exercise Tips

30 One Legged Squats (15 each leg)

One Leg Squats with Box: Exercise Tips

30-60 Second Plank

Followed by 1 minute of high knees

Burpie Press: Exercise Tips

30 Star Jumps

Followed by 30-60 second plank

Star Jumps – Elevate your Heart Rate: Exercise Tips

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