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I said Yes!


On June 3rd, my friend Jessica, Laura and I planned an outdoor charity yoga class to bennefit Jessica’s Ride for the Cure team.  Before the event started our wonderful yoga instructor Laura Martini brought me on stage to sing Happy Birthday (not a fan of the whole birthday singing thing, but I was a good sport). As I looked out over the crowd, i couldn’t help but be amazed how many people came out to support this great cause. Then something totally unexpected happened…My wonderful lululemon friends stood up out of the crowd with a poster that read “Rachel…Will you be our Ambassador?!” This was the last thing I thought would happen as Jessica and I were laying our mats down in the park that night, hoping people would come regardless of the cold, rainy weather we were having.

My friend Dana said something in class the other day that really stuck with me. When we try to force something to happen, we push whatever it is farther and farther away, until we come to peace and just settle with what will be is going to be. Becoming an Ambassador has been a dream and goal of mine for 4 years and I honestly was beginning to think it would never happen. In my mind I had crossed all my T’s dotted all my I’s and was starting to feel like I was treading water and not getting any where with this proposal. What this experience has taught me is to be true to my heart, and never to compromise the goals I’ve started just to get the ball rolling a bit quicker. I believe this proposal came at the perfect time. I was done trying to force it to happen, and felt at peace about the situation. Many people have asked me if this proposal was bitter sweet due to the fact that I am pregnant and not at the top of my game? Regardless of being pregnant or not, I feel so honored that i was asked to hold this role. My community and followers have seen who I am not pregnant, it’s time for you to see who I am pregnant! The world of fitness needs more woman who will stand up no matter what obstacle they come up against ( mine being pregnant), and choose to be a healthy source of information, motivativation and inspiration. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things you could ever capture on the camera and I intend to prove that to you. Ambassador shoot is set for next Tuesday June 19th…Stay Tuned!


What is a Ambassador? Find out more here! 

Some of my new Ambassador purchases! What are your favourite pieces? 

I love that lululmeon has brought pattered pants to a 4 way stretch…

The Poise pants are amazing with their high waist and ankle grazing leg. They are the perfect pant for a “to and from” yoga outfit and the high waist will protect that bum crack as you work a little bit deeper into your forward fold.

Need tips on what to buy while your pregnant? Ask away! I’ve tried it all:)


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